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'I could cry'

Published September 07. 2013 09:00AM


Because that cute little Hannah Montana has turned into a nasty woman who apparently enjoys dirty dancing, sticking out her tongue, and making a spectacle of herself.

About the price of food and gas. When you are living on a fixed retirement income, the budget suffers when you have to eat and drive. Some of the folks in our retirement community have their homes in foreclosure because of tight budgets. Such a shame.

At the arrogance of some politicians. When I think of the early members of Congress in the 1770's, it breaks my heart to see how things have changed. No longer do we Americans respect the men in government. Most of them are in politics to gain personal wealth and power. Our forefathers are probably twisting in their graves.

When I see the entitlement attitude of so many Americans. From the President on down, too many people think that they deserve something. In my opinion, no one deserves anything. You work for what you get. Just because you are black or poor or an immigrant or handicapped or anything else should not mean that you automatically GET STUFF.

Over McDonald's workers demanding a big pay raise. When did McDonald's jobs become jobs for the main breadwinner in the family? Those fast food jobs were always for teenagers or college kids. Don't tell me that it's because of the poor job market, either. I just don't believe it.

At the possibility of a war with Syria. Our grandson is serving his country in the Air Force and we would much rather see him stay safe. Any world conflict is abhorrent to me.

Because I am constantly worried about the world we are leaving our grandchildren. They will have a large debt, an education system that is woefully needy, and a world that is on the brink of environmental and social disaster.

At the TV reception we get. With the amount of money we pay monthly for the service, we should be problem-free. We're not. No matter how many times a repairman visits us, there's a new problem that crops up. Maybe it's time for us to think about turning off the TV and using a radio?

When my hands begin to shake and I can't control them. Sometimes I decorate our kitchen in Cheerios. Sometimes the computer mouse clicks the wrong thing and I lose my writing. Often I mar my Sudoku books with graffiti when the pen (Yes, I do the puzzles in pen) slips.

How the news media's bias is shown. When President Bush was in office, the media berated him for taking vacations on his Texas farm. How about using a government helicopter to fly your DOG to your vacation spot? Or, better still, how about magnificent vacations to far-off places a few times a year? The Obamas are apparently immune from any media bias.

At the proliferation of mosquitoes. My blood must be extremely delicious to them, since the little buggers seem to find me no matter where I am. I just hope one of my bites doesn't have the West Nile virus in it.

That young men usually do not accept responsibility for the children they father. Too many babies are being raised without a Dad's influence, and that is bad for our country.

When I hear that our schools are not doing the best possible job. The United States has slipped in the world standing for almost every subject. Whatever happened to America's public schools? They used to be the shining example for the world.

If I get an anonymous letter that slams my writing. If you aren't brave enough to sign your letter, I don't care what you think.

Thinking about family. That's all, folks.

If you would like to contact Dr. Smith, she can be reached at her e mail address: or in care of this newspaper.

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