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Schuylkill County property transfers

Published May 02. 2013 05:02PM

Jennifer M. Kohlmeir to Evelyn A. Franko, both of Brockton, Schuylkill Township, the western half of a frame dwelling on north side of Green St., Brockton, $1 (full consideration $20,000).

Eleanor Hegyes and Yvonne Hegyes, both of McAdoo, to Jason Letcher and Rose Marie Herbinko, both of McAdoo, parcel containing 6,000 square feet located on the west side of Manning St., McAdoo, $71,000.

Michael J. and Billy Jean Harakel to Lisa M. Geronino and Marcello Geronino, husband and wife, property at 404 Pine St., Tamaqua, $1 (transaction from parents to daughter and son-in-law).

Karen L. Knapp to Karen Kurzinsky, parcel containing 20,000 square feet on west side Catherine St., Ryan Township, $1 (full consideration $175,000).

Gary and Carolyn Kramer, Pine Grove Township, to Francesca Loduca, of 605 McIntosh Lane, Andreas, West Penn Township, property at 50 Chestnut St., Cressona, $1 (full consideration $339,000).

Joan (Yelito) Wargo, 251 E. Seventh St., Coaldale, to Bruce Surotchak, 428 E. Elm St., Tamaqua, property at 251 E. Seventh St., Coaldale, $1 (transaction from parent to child).

Karl F. and B. Christine Dietman, West Penn Township, to Grendel Corporation, Coaldale, property at 16 W. Ruddle St., Coaldale, $1 (full consideration $32,000).

John A. Mateyka, Lancaster, to Christian H. Kaiser IV, Schuylkill County, property along a public road leading from Tamaqua Borough to Lewistown, adjoining lands R.& R. C. & I Company; second parcel, tract containing one and one-half acres along Township Route 501 and Legislative Route 53017, both in Walker Township, $156,500.

Irene A. Yoder, 201 Schuylkill Avenue, Apt. One, Tamaqua, to Daniel A. Dolly, 215 W. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 165 Penn St., Tamaqua, $1 (full consideration $9,175).

Gloria J. Forte, as executrix of the estate of Dorothy L. Smulligan, late of Tamaqua, to Gregory Sinn, Weatherly, one half of a double two and one-half story concrete building at 128 Greenwood St., Tamaqua, $1 (full consideration $15,000).

Bruce W. and April M. Banavage to James and Alisa Kemmerer, tract containing 1.635 acres located on the east side of Laurel Lane (Route 901), leading from Archery Club Road (Township Route 944) and State Route 403) to Laurel Lane in East Brunswick Township, $40,000.

Borough of Tamaqua to Jonathan B. Bingham, Allentown, property at 101 Washington St., Tamaqua, $1 (full consideration $5).

William G. Schwab, as trustee for David L. Kehler, Lehighton, to Richard Laspina, property at 10 N. Broad Mountain Avenue, Frackville, $1 (full consideration $25,000).

David E. and Marian Cipko to Brian and Jill Cipko, half of a double dwelling house known as 175 Penn St., Tamaqua, $1 (transaction from parents to son and daughter-in-law).

Estate of Joseph A. Lankalis Sr. to Enn J. Poeldnork, property at 163 E. High St., Coaldale, $6,410.

Thomas T. Lisella, as executor of the estate of Lena D'Amico, late of Tamaqua, to LKZ Properties Inc., Hellertown, a three story frame dwelling at 312 Biddle St., Tamaqua, $1 (full consideration $21,100).

Eagle Rock Resorts Company, Hazle Township, Luzerne County, to Craig A. and Martha A. Berham, Sparta, N.Y., Lot 419, WS Subdivision, Eagle Rock Resorts, East Union Township, $10 (full consideration $35,650).

William E. Frantz and Jeanette M. Frantz to Jeanette Frantz, property on north side of High St., Coaldale, $1 (transaction between husband and wife).

David Rhoda and Paige Tremblay, wife and husband, to Walter Barron, property at 262 Cottage Avenue, Tamaqua, $38,800).

Peter and Ellen Rondinaro to Richard J. and Nicole Sparra, all of Montgomery County, Lot 297 EA Subdivision, Eagle Rock Resorts, North Union Township, $285,000.

Blackstone Funding, LLC, and Watermelon Realty, LLC, to David L. and Colleen Arner, property in West Penn Township, $1 (full consideration $25,000).

SRP Funding Trust 20115 to Colin Stocker, property at 417 Spruce St., Tamaqua, $26,000.

George R. Reppy to Jason D. Grantham, property on south side of Forge Street near the northeast corner of a private garage owned by E. R. Neiswender and a second parcel containing 6,456 square feet on south side of Legislative Route 53012 and west of the Community Veterans Monument in New Ringgold, $37,000.

Sheriff Joseph G. Groody, following sheriff sale, to Global Real Estate Solutions, LLC, Stroudsburg, property at 143 Penn St., Tamaqua, owned by Gary and Jennifer Lauriteen, $976.99.

Sheriff Groody, following sheriff's sale, to Global Real Estate Solutions, property at 66 Mahoning St., Tamaqua, owned by by Joseph J. Dietrich, $945.40.

Sheriff Groody, following sheriff's sale, to CN Properties Inc., Phoenixville, property at 117 Lombard St., Tamaqua, owned by Mel Scott Gerber, $997.41.

Sheriff Groody, following sheriff's sale, to CN Properties, Inc., property at 201-203 Chestnut St., Tuscarora, Schuylkill Township, property of Jeffrey and Melissa Martin, $1,033.75.

Leonard J. and Susan P. Breznik, McAdoo, to Ashley Smolnsky, Hazleton, property at 47 E. Adam St., McAdoo, $115,000.

Goliath Properties Inc., Sugarloaf, to Amanda J. Bernotas, Bryn Mawr, a two story frame home and garage on north side of intersection of Berwick and Pottsville State Road in North Union Township, $64,000.

Karl J. Hunsicker, 707 N. First St., Lehighton, to Carl F. Hunsicker, Lebanon, property at 34 W. Ruddle St., Coaldale, $1 (transaction from son to father).

Sheriff Groody, following sheriff's sale, to Federal Mortgage Loan Mortgage Corporation, McLeon, Va., property at 164 Race St., Tamaqua, owned by Lisa M. Alabovitz and Micah Kates, $932.33.

Susan Futchko, Saint Clair, to Michael John Sidella Jr., New Ringgold, property at 26 N. Third St., Saint Clair, $1 (transaction from grandparent to grandson).

Helena M. McGeehan, as trustee under the terms of the Helen McGeehan Revocable Trust to Randal L. Fisk and Melissa A. Correll, a three story frame home and a one-half story frame stable on Main St., Middleport, $1 (full consideration $33,000).

Greater Hazleton Community Area New Development Organization Inc., also known as CAN DO Inc., to 62 Green Mountain, LLC, a Pennsylvania Limited Corporation, Lot 62-B containing 25.386 acres located on the south side of Green Mountain Road in Humboldt Industrial Park, East Union Township, $380,790.

Dale R. Smith and Judy M. Smith to Dale R. Smith, property at 1016 Porter Street, Tuscarora, Schuylkill Township, $1 (transaction between husband and wife).

Tax Claim Bureau to Ryan J. Roth, Pottsville, property at 174 Kimber St., New Philadelphia, sold as property of David W. Dunlap, $1,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Tex., to Kaja Holdings, LLC, Columbia,S.C., property at 153 W. Moser St., Coaldale, $9,850.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Thomas and Susan Wisniewski, property on south side of Blaine St., McAdoo, $11,500.

Robert and Helen M. Schrepple, Ryan Township, to Richard A. Malafarina, Barnesville, tract containing 2.10 acres on south side of Church St., Ryan Township, $1 (transaction from grandparents to grandchild).

Federal National Mortgage Association to Alysia L. Ormiston, 668 Red Ridge Road, Zions Grove, North Union Township, property on west side of Legislative Route 53069 leading from Nuremberg to Zions Grove in North Union Township, $83,895.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Washington, D.C., to Thomas Montesrin, property at 147 E. Howard Avenue, Coaldale, $23,001.

Manfield M. Spethmann, as administrator of the estate of Ervin Spethmann, late of West Penn Township, to Frank J. Boslet Jr., 215 Ridge Cup Road, New Ringgold, tract containing 2.1 acre known as 215 Ridge Cup Road, New Ringgold, $119,700.

William G. Schwab, trustee for William R. and Cheryl Gerlott, Lehighton, property at 787 Cherokee Drive, Lake Wynonah, South Manheim Township, $89,100.

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