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Thou shall not bear false witness

Published March 16. 2013 09:02AM

History proves that a lie, no matter how small, almost always leads to another lie, usually a larger one to cover up the previous lie, which leads to a bigger lie, and so on. Violating the ninth Commandment of the Ten Commandments is a Sin, a violation of God's law.

We are now experiencing a period when those in government are building an unprecedented record of lying to cover up their false statements and unlawful actions. Deception by those in government is not new behavior. It has been going on forever, but it has been done intently here in America since at least the War Between the States.

The most recent efforts to lie to the American people concern the "sequester crisis". This alleged "crisis" is the result of a threatening plan to get Congress to make a deal that would raise the debt ceiling in 2011. It is now known that this plan was initiated by the Obama administration. Of course, the Republican House and Democratic Senate voted for this "law", and Barack Hussein Obama signed it. The unconstitutional "Supercommittee", established by this "law", had the task of recommending specific "spending cuts" in the United States government's budget over 10 years. They failed to accomplish this task.

For the 18 months after the unlawful "Supercommittee" efforts failed, virtually nothing was done to actually solve the spending problems of the United States government.

Barack Hussein Obama, various Cabinet Secretaries and others in Washington D.C. then aggressively spent months telling the American people that the $85 Billion to be "cut" from the 2013-2014 fiscal year budget by the "sequester" would cause catastrophic effects on both domestic and military spending. The CBO reported the amount to be "cut" is actually $44 Billion, half from domestic and half from military spending. Regardless which number is correct, it is only 2.4% or 1.2%, respectively, of the current $3.6 Trillion budget.

In reality, all of the "sequester" deceptive discussions and demagoguery is over reducing the amount of the increase in spending, not over making actual spending cuts. Only in Washington D.C. could reducing projected spending be considered cuts. The practice in all parts of the government for many years has been to hurry up and spend everything in the department's budget before the end of the fiscal year so the department could get more to spend the next year. Is it any wonder why government spending is so high and wasteful? Government spending is truly out of control!

It has been reported that the United States government now borrows 46 percent of what it spends each year. That is approximately $1.6 Trillion per year or $138 Billion per month. The reported deficit for the United States government is now nearly $16.7 Trillion.

Starting on September 13, 2012, the Federal Reserve implemented a policy known as "quantitative easing three", often abbreviated as QE3, which entails the Fed buying $40 Billion in mortgage-backed securities each month. The end date of QE3 remains up in the air. The Federal Reserve will continue to re-evaluate the strength of the economy in coming months.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve continued its existing policy known as Operation Twist after September 13, 2012. Together these two programs add $85 Billion in long-term bonds to the Fed's balance sheet each month. That is over $210 Billion of increase in actual U.S. debt while the heated "sequester" debates went on over the last two and one-half months in an effort to allegedly reduce an increase in projected spending. It should be noted here that the actual spending of the United States government shall increase each year despite the "sequester cuts".

Barack Hussein Obama lied repeatedly about the effects of the "sequester cuts" when he said, among many other things, that:

1. Teachers will be laid-off.

2. First responders will be furloughed or lose their jobs.

3. There will be long delays at airports.

4. Border and FBI agents will lose their jobs and some prosecutions of illegal aliens will be ended.

5. Communities near military bases will be severely affected.

6. 750 thousand jobs will be lost.

7. Parents will scramble to find day-care and financial aid for college students will be slashed.

8. Janitors and security guards in the Capitol will have their pay cut.

9. Businesses that work with the military may have to lay off workers.

10. Kids will not have access to the "Head Start" program.

But then, not telling the truth has never been a problem for Mr. Obama. Remember, he repeatedly said such fraudulent things as:

1. Transparency and the "rule of law" will be the touch-tones of this administration.

2. If you make less than $200,000.00 per year, your taxes will not go up one dime.

3. If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.

4. Obamacare will not add one dime to the deficit.

5. If you like your [health] plan, you can keep your plan. [The CBO now estimates that

by 2022, 7 million people will not be able to keep their employer medical plan.]

6. Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is on the run.

7. The Benghazi, Libya consulate September 11, 2012 attack and murders of 4 American

Citizens was caused by an internet video and demonstrations.

Apparently, in an effort to support his false statements about the results of the "sequester cuts", Barack Hussein Obama and those in his administration have already:

1. Stopped the tours of the White House as of March 8, 2013.

2. Discontinued tuition assistance for certain Veterans.

3. Released hundreds of illegal aliens charged with criminal offenses in Arizona.

4. Ordered "obvious and painful" 5% cuts in the National Park Services Department spending.

Because of Barack Hussein Obama's deceit, misrepresentation and many false statements, starting with his birth, personal history and education information since at least 2006, he is not eligible to be President of the United States of America. Mr. Obama must be removed from the White House!

Those in Congress must always strictly follow the Constitution according to its original intent

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