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Kale and bras

Published June 22. 2013 09:02AM

Down here in Florida, we have an interesting bug the love bug. The black insects usually invade twice a year spring and fall. They are quite numerous and cause every vehicle to look as though it grew a black beard. Also, the bugs hang on to each other, thereby causing extra-special messes. That behavior brought about the name "Love bug."

To prevent the love bugs from fouling the front of our car, we went searching for a mesh "bra." The device is a screen mesh cover that envelops the entire front of the car and stops the bugs from sticking to the paint. Removing their carcasses can be a chore. My husband learned how to dislodge the bugs by using a special kind of sponge. But, a mesh bra would be a better solution.

When our daughter Stephanie and her two boys came to visit us, we took them to a large farmer's market/flea market for a morning of 'stall shopping.' We didn't find a car bra, but we did find a woman's bra that looked like a good buy. Actually, the bras were "BOGO" buy one, get one. Can't beat that, right?

So, bras in hand, we trudged onward, searching for more to purchase. The farmers' aisles were chock-full of beautiful produce. Steph eyed some kale. She said to her father, "I'll make some kale chips for dinner." Jim wasn't thrilled. His idea of chips is Lay's salt and vinegar potato chips.

We bought the kale, a seedless watermelon, some little cucumbers, fresh corn on the cob, a container of strawberries, and a box of blueberries. Steph carried her bras and Dad and I carried the produce. The boys had their hands full with the mother of all snow cones root beer flavored for both of them. Jim was praying that they would finish them before we hit the inside of our new car.

We checked all of the stalls for a car bra but had no luck. Jim ended up finding one at an auto parts store down the road from our home. We'll be putting the bra on our Honda this week when we travel to visit daughter Jennifer and her family. As for the other bras, they flew back home to PA with Stephanie.

The kale chips were delicious and easy to make. Steph pulled the leaves off the stalks, washed them, and then "massaged" them with some olive oil. After that, she sprinkled them with sea salt and baked them until they were crisp. All of us enjoyed them during our daily cocktail hour. Her boys had glasses of old-fashioned cream soda while the three of us had an adult beverage.

While Steph was here visiting, she also introduced us to quinoa a tasty little grain that she boiled and served as you would rice. The leftovers will make the base for a good cold salad for lunch one day.

Eating healthy food comes naturally to Stephanie. She makes her living as a natural food chef and reflexologist. Her two boys have learned to like foods such as yogurt, kale, and all types of fruits and vegetables. Of course, while they were here on vacation, we had burgers on the grill, too. My husband likes being the grill master and we both enjoy a good burger now and then.

By the way, I feel privileged to have a daughter who is a reflexologist. My feet really enjoyed her visit to Florida.

If you want to contact Dr. Smith, she can be reached at her e mail address: or in care of this newspaper.

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