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Never again

Published January 19. 2013 09:03AM

Dear Editor:

When tragedy strikes everyone wants to offer a solution so that "this will never happen again." While I was talking to someone very close to me they said that all schools should have armed guards and metal detectors. Well, would that have prevented "this from ever happening again?" Cost aside, the only way to prevent crime in general is to have armed police in every classroom, every household and every business everyday. What that sounds impractical, and it is, it demonstrates the extremes that would have to take place in order to prevent "this from ever happening again."

When we give up liberty for security, you wind up with neither. The more government/police/National Guard, you impose on your citizenry, the more freedom we lose. This country "so far" functions by the free will of other people guided by a profound faith in the Judeo/Christian compass. When that free will is taken away the citizens shut down their moral compass. We are guided by a higher power and that is why the vast majority of Americans, value human life, feelings of others, and empathy for the disadvantaged. The LEFT hates the possibility that citizens might be able to make the right decisions without government intervention.

When the great tsunami hit Southeast Asia, the U.S. government gave less, as a government, than any of its peers. However as a people, with private donations, America gave more than the rest of the world put together. This was voluntary because we care about human suffering and loss of life and property. Not because the "Government" told us to but because Christ told us to.

The rash of shootings that have occurred lately is not from a lack of laws or regulations, but maybe because of current atmosphere of deferral of human emotions, to the great nanny state. America's entire economic system is built around the symbiotic relationship between Capitalism and Judeo/Christianity. Capitalism's success is built around the exploitation of human nature and controlling that nature by a divine relationship with Christ. Maybe I lost you now, but hear me out. Capitalism allows you to build an empire, if you have the energy, and trample on those in your way. Christianity challenges that wonderful spirit to give back and to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Christian's believe that eternal torment after death is your punishment for a life on earth without a personal relationship with Christ and using His moral compass.

Contrast Capitalism with Communism/Socialism. Communism needs an atheistic population in order to become the sole provider of acceptable behavior. Under those types of systems, the moral compass of individuals is destroyed. Let us look at the great Socialist societies like USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Nazi Germany. They is/was no freedom of religion in these regions. The State punishes bad behavior and defines that behavior in a very comprehensive way. Nazi Germany had an incredibly low crime rate among its citizens. This was achieved through intimidation, threats and public capital punishment. Of course the fact that the government was the biggest perpetrator of crime in the world at that time, is indicative of how absolute power functions. There is no need to personally have respect for human life, dignity of man or respect for the rights of fellow citizens if the secular state defines it. The only requirement is to conduct yourself in the way the state requires or you will suffer civil punishment. So in the absence of State punishment, or when no one is looking, people are guilt free to act in whatever self interest drives them.

Liberals or "Progressives" hate the thought of relying on human nature to do the right thing, hence the infatuation with secularism, earth worship, and state control. When a tragedy like Newtown, CT, happens the progressive's reaction is always to make a law to prevent it, when in reality the real prevention is right under our noses. The heart needs to have a connection to our minds, and the only way for that to happen is through the following of Judeo/Christian values. You may be thinking that all this is overly simplistic and you have a point. Mental health is a factor in many of these cases, however long before these shooters got to the point of acting out their problems, someone could have introduced them to a way of life that is fulfilling and joyous regardless of your situation in life. To my knowledge none of these latest bunch of killers had a strong Judeo Christian upbringing. Just look at the 10 commandments and imagine if we ALL followed them. "Thou shall not Kill, Honor thy Father and thy Mother" are two that come to mind. If the shooter in Conn. had just followed those two commandments, there would be 27 people alive today.

Larry Wittig,


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