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Selling out

Published January 14. 2013 05:07PM

Webster's might want to add a definition to the word hypocrisy.

It's spelled A-l G-o-r-e.

The former vice president, who came within a Supreme Court vote of becoming president in the controversial hanging chad election of 2000, recently sold his news and public affairs network, Current TV, to the Arabic language channel Al-Jazeera for $500 million. Al-Jazeera is owned by the Emir of Qatar and headquartered in that oil-rich Arab state.

Gore walked away with a cool $100 million of the Arab oil money after the network, which he founded six years ago. His personal wealth is now estimated to be at least $300 million, more than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was skewered by the left for his business successes during last year's bitter presidential campaign.

The fact that Gore's hands are stained with oil money after selling out to the Arab sheiks is not the only hypocrisy. The self-proclaimed savior of clean energy issues continues to espouse global warming issues and is even an adviser on "green issues" for Google.

Gore is no friend to coal country, having ripped the industry for its technology advancements. At the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008, when asked by Clinton if he believed the current economic difficulties will make it harder or easier to pass good climate legislation, Gore answered that the economic crisis can provide an opportunity to make the right kind of changes.

"We should stop burning coal, without sequestering the CO2," he said. "The coal and oil companies have spent in the United States alone a half a billion dollars in the first eight months of this year promoting a lie that there is such a thing as "clean coal." Clean coal's like healthy cigarettes it does not exist."

Al Jazeera's entry into the U.S. market, thanks to Gore's sellout, has drawn heat. Time Warner, one of the country's largest cable carriers, pre-emptively announced that it will not carry the new network.

After hearing about the sale of Current TV, staff members based in San Francisco were incensed.

"We all know now that Al Gore is nothing but a bulls...ter," one employee railed.

The staffer added that it was ironic that the network does stories on the tax code, yet Gore himself sold the network before the tax code kicked in.

"Al was always lecturing us about green. He kept his word about green all right - as in cold, hard cash!" he said.

Dennis Miller, talk show host and political commentator, called Gore was "an empty hack" and wonders how he can sleep at night after selling out to big oil.

The former vice president of the United States refused to even entertain an offer by conservative media personality Glenn Beck who made an inquiry about purchasing the network for Mercury Radio Arts, a multimedia production company which he founded and is CEO.

Beck said within 15 minutes of making his call, he received a return call advising him that Gore's "reputation" was at stake and that under no circumstance would Current TV ever entertain an offer from Beck.

Beck said the fact that he was snubbed by Gore, but then sold out to Al Jazeera, didn't surprise him since he feels Gore and al Jazeera share the same values.

As for that American flag lapel pin Gore wears, Beck's assertion is correct. The former vice president will wear anything on his lapel for the right price.

By Jim Zbick

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