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Published December 14. 2013 09:00AM

My family never believed in quitting. When I asked my Mom if I could discontinue piano lessons, she responded "Why do you want to quit?"

I told Mom that it was going to be hard for me to keep up the piano when I had many other activities. After I took the time to list my involvements, she told me that it was my decision. But, she reminded me that "quitting" wasn't a good thing. She did not want me to get into the habit of quitting when something became hard.

Our granddaughter Kiele went through the same scenario. She told her parents that her studies and athletic teams made it difficult for her to take time to practice the piano. After some discussion, Kiele was allowed to stop her piano lessons.

Both Kiele and I enjoy playing the piano. It was good that we took lessons. But, it was also good that we were allowed to quit. Time moves on and things change.

Recently, I decided to resign from my position as the secretary of our shuffleboard club. I have held that position for three years. Keeping the minutes and writing letters are not that difficult - except for one thing. I am increasingly unable to type well.

Knowing that my tremors will only continue to worsen as I age, I figured that a new secretary will be able to get the job done more efficiently.

I don't think that I am quitting. I think I am making room for a younger, more capable person to take the job.

The thought has also entered my mind that I may have to stop writing this column. It takes me a long time to produce a column on my computer. And, once I have a column completed to my satisfaction, I must navigate email to send it to our editor.

There have been times when an entire column has been lost because I clicked on the wrong icon. If I were a more technologically talented person, I might be able to find the wayward column somewhere, but I am not that type of geek.

As with many other things (piano playing, clarinet playing, sewing, crocheting, slicing onions, and carrying liquids), it becomes clear when I am incapable of performing.

So, dear reader, I am giving you fair warning that 2013 may be the last year for this column. I hate to quit something that I enjoy so much, but being aggravated and frustrated isn't a good way to live.

One of my friends told me about a device that allows you to speak words and your computer will type them for you. I am going to investigate that. But, in case I can't find a way to get the job done, I fear I must quit. My Mom wouldn't be happy about it, but I know she would ultimately understand.

Thanks for listening - and for reading all these years.

If you would like to contact Dr. Smith, she can be reached at her e mail address: jsmith or in care of this newspaper.

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