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American Community Survey

Published August 31. 2013 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

It's amazing ... I just realized that I was one of the poor slobs that were randomly selected by the Census Bureau to fill out this comprehensive questionnaire. If you are also selected you have my utmost sympathy.

Before filling out the 40 minute survey I read through the plethora of questions. In the front of the pamphlet I was told that my answers were confidential and REQUIRED BY LAW.

O.K. another threat by big brother and not the reality TV show. As I looked at the questions my hair stood on end. Talk about divulging information about your life style. How big is your house, how much tax do you pay, what's the value of your home. Also does it have a toilet; running water and the list goes on.

The same questions are asked if you have a family of seven. To top it all off I have to give my name address and phone number.

I called the census bureau and complained about the amount of information I had to provide. I was told I did not have to give my name but use head of household.

When I looked at the address on the label it just said resident. So that is what I put whenever it asked who I was. If you received one of these multi page questionnaires by law [who's is also a question] call and get information about what your privacy is and do not compromise your personnel information.

You are told to fill out the form as best as you can. You decide what that is your phone from a ton of solicitors. So much for privacy. Now get ready to answer your form. GOOD LUCK.

From the pen of,

K Treger


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