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  • Bridget McFadden
    Bridget McFadden
Published August 15. 2013 05:04PM

A short story by Bridget McFadden. Bridget is a recent graduate of Jim Thorpe Area High School.

Dave and April Reid heard the phone scream. They glanced left to see if it was the house phone.

"It's the other phone," Dave notified April.

The two gave each other a determined look before answering the bright red hot line.

"Professor Speed and Spring Flower here. What's the emergency, mayor?"

"There's a crisis at town hall! Mr. Gorilla is back! Hurry!!!"

Dave and April nodded at each other as they leaped into action. They slid down two parallel poles. While sliding down, their normal day clothing was ripped off, leaving super-suits in their place. The two hopped in their invisible convertible, and drove off to fight crime.

"Finally! You made it!" the mayor exclaimed.

"Where is the beast?" Professor Speed asked.

Before the mayor could answer, a humongous hairy foot squashed him. Professor Speed and Spring Flower eyed Mr. Gorilla down and up in horror. They were amazed at how he grew.

"Did you miss me?" Mr. Gorilla mocked.

"Last time we defeated you, you were just a baby!" Spring Flower said in shock.

"Things change," Mr. Gorilla stated as he began his battle.

Mr. Gorilla started destroying buildings, not worrying what was in his path. Professor Speed sprinted to save the citizens. He darted up Mr. Gorilla's body, and in a flash, he reached his belly button.

Professor Speed speed tickled Mr. Gorilla. Thud! Mr. Gorilla gradually fell to the ground. Spring Flower had already grown a garden full of Venus Fly Traps. The flowers pinched him everywhere.

Next, she wrapped him around in vines. When Mr. Gorilla regained his balance, he stood up and ripped off the vines. Steam poured from his nose and ears.

He was furious. But before he could make any sudden movements, Professor Speed came hurtling toward him with Spring Flower high in his hands. Professor Speed chucked Spring Flower.

She flew through the air until she landed inside Mr. Gorilla's nose. There, she filled his nose with pollen and honey.

She exited his nose, climbed into his mouth and did the same. Next, she threw thorns at his arms. She climbed back up to his eyes and sprayed water in them.

Professor Speed sprinted up Mr. Gorilla's body and grabbed Spring Flower. They raced back to his toes. Spring Flower poured tree sap all over Mr. Gorilla's feet so he was stuck.

She sprayed water at him and he awkwardly toppled over. Spring Flower tied more vines around Mr. Gorilla and pushed him into the sea. He was defeated!

The whole town cheered with great appreciation. Mr. Gorilla was gone and the town was saved!

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