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Published April 30. 2013 05:05PM

Last Thursday night, a home was raided by borough police in Lansford and a suspected methamphetamine lab was found and dismantled.

When the raid occurred, a woman, Misty Nicole Hyneman, 30, was arrested on drug related charges. Inside the home with her were two small children in diapers.

A meth lab is dangerous. Not only are dangerous fumes emitted, but there is potential of an explosion. We don't know if drugs were actually being used inside this residence, but if so it certainly is another life-threatening danger for these little kids.

Just the concept of manufacturing meth around the small children is frightening. If this is a meth lab, it would have been tragic had the children consumed the drug.

Obviously Hyneman is innocent until proven guilty. But the circumstances certainly warrant attention.

It was through a tip from someone observing suspicious activity that police were able to invade the suspected clandestine activity.

Police were told that an individual found a bottle cap with vinyl tubing attached to it, and multiple containers of Coleman camping fluid. In addition, a strong chemical odor was present during the early morning hours while Hyneman was in the basement, says the affidavit.

The individual who witnessed suspect activity could have ignored what he saw. Thankfully he didn't. The lives of the children were jeopardized if the charges prove to be true. There was the risk of a catastrophe resulting from fire or explosion because of the alleged making of methamphetamine.

It's important all of us remain vigilant in our respective neighborhoods. Being vigilant and reporting suspected illegal activity isn't being nosy. It is being responsible.

Often police are unaware of criminal events unless they are tipped-off. This includes not only drug-related activities, but damage to public property such as parks and playgrounds, rip-off attempts of elderly neighbors, friends, and relatives, and even domestic abuse - especially if it involves a young child.

As in the case of the Lansford incident, getting involved could potentially prevent a catastrophic fire from erupting. It could keep drug dealers and drug users out of your neighborhood.

If you do report something to police, make sure you give the police your identity. You'll be taken more seriously than if you act anonymously. Also, sometimes police won't have a case if you, as a witness, aren't willing to come forward.

Think of it as another way. If you were having a problem, including someone robbing you or trashing your home, wouldn't you be grateful if a neighbor or anyone witnessing the situation would step forward and report it?

Fortunately, in small towns like we live in, usually you do find people willing to get involved.

That's a good thing.


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