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Published April 01. 2013 05:06PM

The way the major media chose to ignore the Benghazi terrorist attack story last Sept. 11 ranks as one of the great failures of news journalism during our lifetime.

Ignoring a story which included the murder of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, at the compound in Libya gave this administration a free pass by the media and is the reason the White House has been able to play dodge ball on the subject for the past six months. Bottom line is that there was and still is a stonewall of facts by the administration, which simply allows the public to draw its own conclusions about who knew what, and when they knew it.

Suspicions surfaced immediately after the administration peddled that lame story that the attack was not premeditated but an instantaneous response to a YouTube video. Thanks to the liberal media sitting on its hands, the American who produced the YouTube video that upset so many Muslims is the only person to be held accountable in the attack.

With so many holes and loose ends to the Benghazi story, the full record of this "system failure" by the administration needed to be told. Whenever the public is fed information in small drips, it's sure to raise questions about a deception.

By stonewalling, President Obama and his staff only invited questions about a Watergate-style coverup. Critics soon realized that the liberal media was playing the story whatever way the administration wanted.

We applaud Buzz Jacobs, a political TV ad writer/director and former White House staff member, for co-producing and directing a documentary to shed light on the story.

Under President George W. Bush, Jacobs served at the FBI and on the White House Homeland Security Council, which gave him some key contacts and access to senior military and intelligence officials in producing the film.

The fact that four Americans died in the attack is reason enough for every citizen to want to know the facts in the story. Just when did the president learn of the attack and did he do everything in his power as a world leader to help protect and rescue the embassy personnel as the attacks unfolded over a number of hours? Why were those initial warnings or requests by embassy personnel for help ignored or denied by this administration?

In researching material for his film, Jacobs determined the four American patriots gave their lives needlessly, that Obama mishandled and then misled the American people on the attack and that the media allowed him do it. We have yet to hear from any of the 33 people who were directly affected and survived the attack.

The fact that no one has been no one has been held accountable in this administration is a travesty.

While being grilled during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings in January, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to sum up this administration's feelings about the Benghazi attack with her flippant answer to one hard-hitting question: "What difference does it make?"

Charles Woods, father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who died in the attack, had his own comment, which provided an answer to Clinton's shameful remark. His reply was much more forceful and direct than the public's general conclusion that this administration simply mishandled the whole Benghazi affair.

"The people in the White House are guilty of murdering my son," Woods said in an interview.

By Jim Zbick

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