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Duping America

Published November 05. 2012 05:03PM

Dear Editor:

The election is nearing and we have seen the debates. We see two candidates, one whose life has been honed making thoughtful solutions to advance organizations and government to better the living quality of all individuals, no matter what race, sex, and religion or political persuasion. The other stumps continually to persuade the masses that we need government extra involved to achieve an across the board standard of living. If you succeed beyond the parameter, you are labeled and expected to give back. Not giving back on your own as growing your business, hiring more employees or setting aside a portion of your earnings as a charitable contribution but rather a tax to further brand you per their definition of "rich" or upward class.

This man paraded himself before us as a man of "hope and change." He was going to unite, reach across party isles and bring us together. He was going to usher in a new tone. When elected, and showered with adoration, he immediately made troubling accusations directed at the Cambridge, Mass police department, insinuating racial profiling. Similar disturbing episodes have dotted his presidency, including the most recent use of a racial typecast by his Vice President. In fact, the Democratic presidential campaign has hit such high notes of vile class division that fellow believers of his European social model are void of any conscience to object. What suits their purposes is fine for the masses, no matter how much collateral damage to targeted Americans. It's a left wing new norm. They pit suit and tie execs against urbanites, Wall Street against Main Street, savagely attack religion, and make accusations that anybody not of their persuasion devalue women and the poor. They scoff at the Constitution as being dated, not for this new era of change. A new tone?

In truth, the attack on our American fabric has never been this horrendous. Further we're told that the international arena is being handled just fine, even though we see Middle East violence embroiled by this Administration's appeasement policy and snobbish regard for our trusted ally, Israel. Now we have days of lies and a documented cover up of the horrible Benghazi tragedy for political gain. They feed the media falsehoods reminiscent of regimes of past dictators. This new crowd for the age says Pennsylvania will fall lockstep to their ideology on November 6th. I for one would like to believe that clear headed thinkers still exist, no matter what our upbringing and economic condition. We are not class groups but Americans. Let's unite our voices to cast off this tidal wave of deception, intolerance and ineptness.

John C. Moser


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