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Where have our American tax dollars been going?

Published May 05. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

This is a very crucial question all of us "tax-paying" citizens of America would definitely like to know the answer to right now, before our country ends up bankrupt. It is always much easier to spend someone else's money in which our government has been doing for much too long, and now it has become imperative to stop their excessive spending of our money. I believe all of us taxpayers in America, regardless of what percentage we are paying to the IRS, should have a much greater impact on how our money is being spent. Our present day over-sized American government has become much too immense and much too expensive for us tax payers to continue to afford.

Furthermore, I don't want any of my hard earned tax dollars going towards things like; unnecessary wars with no profitable gain for America, abortions of future tax paying citizens, undeserving entitlements especially in supporting illegal immigrants, long term "death row" prison sentences for convicted murderers costing us tax payers more than most of us earn, elaborate government employee parties, politicians going on extravagant vacations, government officials with humongous benefit packages, bail-outs for failing financial institutions who exploit our money for their own benefit, stimulus packages for deficient businesses who can't pay our money back with interest, green energy companies with no prevailing future, and especially all "ear marks" which serve no real significant benefit for us citizens of America who have provided this funding through our taxes.

This wasteful government spending spree using our tax dollars has reached the point of the ridiculous, and according to the U.S. Constitution our government representatives, elected by "we the people" are to serve and to defend "we the people" in order for all of us as American citizen's to have a better way of life. This should include providing the opportunity for all of us to someday achieve the great American dream through our own individual initiative and ambitions. This is what our founding fathers intended for all contributing hard working Americans, and therefore our present day government better start efficiently utilizing our tax dollars to directly benefit "we the people" who are working hard for the prosperity of our Nation for future generations.

However, I am not insinuating all of the blame for this extravagant government spending should be put primarily on president Obama, because this has been a "standard operating procedure" within our government for a long time, and it has now seriously affected the hope for America. The tax paying citizens should be well informed in advance on how our money is being spent, and should be put to a vote by "we the people" if it is an amount of significant proportion going towards something less significant to the voters.

How many people in America realize over 800 billion dollars of our tax revenue was invested into the war in Iraq, and this is not including the cost of the war in Afghanistan so far? There was even several billion dollars reported lost, or unaccounted for which was suppose to go towards arming an American trained Iraqi army. What did America actually gain from this over abundant expenditure? More importantly, the cost of over 5000 American lives was priceless, and even more detrimental in making this war not worth what it cost us citizen's of America.

"There are no warlike people; just warlike leaders." - Nobel Peace Laureate -

The American people need to know where our money is going, and we must not be leaving it up to irresponsible politicians, and government agencies on how our money is being spent, who are obviously not doing their duty, and patriotic obligation in diligently serving "we the people" like they were originally elected to do in accordance with our United States Constitution.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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