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Mounties win MVC track titles

  • bob ford/times news Pleasant Valley's Jack Wathen receives the baton from Lawrence Robinson for the final leg of the 3200 meter relay. The Bears won the event with a time of 8:57.36.
    bob ford/times news Pleasant Valley's Jack Wathen receives the baton from Lawrence Robinson for the final leg of the 3200 meter relay. The Bears won the event with a time of 8:57.36.
Published May 04. 2012 05:01PM

Stroudsburg topped Pleasant Valley on both the girls and the boys' side in its final Mountain Valley Conference track meet Thursday afternoon.

With the victories, both Mounties' squads capture the team regular season titles. Both the girls and the boys' teams finish undefeated throughout conference play on the year.

Unfortunately for the Pleasant Valley girls, it was their first loss of the season. The score remained close up until the last few events of the day. However, when Stroudsburg swept the javelin, it gave them the magical number of 76 points needed to clinch the victory.

The Bears' Kelecia Harris still fared well in her final performance before the MVC Championships next Monday. Harris broke her own school-records in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes with times of 12.05 and 25.5 seconds respectively.

"I did very well today," admitted Harris. "I set my personal records in both of my running events, which breaks my own records. I am very happy with my times.

"I am praying that I can do the same (Monday). Normally I have to do the triple jump and my 200 time doesn't come out as well, but I am hoping I can do this again next week. I am pretty confident though. There are a lot of good girls that can push me, but I am pretty confident with my times right now."

Harris also did well in the long jump and the triple jump, although she did finish second in the long jump. It wasn't by much though as he came up just short by half an inch.

"I wasn't too satisfied with my long jump," Harris said. "I am hoping to pull out at least a 16 or 17-foot jump at leagues. I have been practicing extra hard for that.

"I am content with my triple jump for now. The girl from PM West, Romona Benitez, jumps a 38 ch value\=\"226 129 132\"/=



and I only jump a 35. I need to keep practicing over the next few days so I can try to get up to her."

The only other Lady Bear to win two events on the day was hurdler Kiasia Dunbar. The senior set a new personal record in the 300 hurdles with a time of 47.58. She ran a 16.25 to win the 100 hurdles.

"I think I did well," said Dunbar. "I think I could have done better. I am really trying to get down to 46 seconds in the 300 so I can qualify for states. That's my goal. But 47 seconds is still good. That's my personal best.

"I am a little nervous heading into Monday, but I feel if I pray and leave it all up to God that he will guide me to finish in the top three. I am going to go out there and give it my all and hope that I finish in a good place."

Other individual winners on the girls' side included Melissa Russo (800M), Kristen Eberhardt (1600M), Stacy Wojy (3200M), Alyssa Ulrich (javelin) and the 3200-meter relay team.

The Pleasant Valley boys didn't boast many winners at all. Actually, Jack Wathen was the only local to win an individual event. He took first place in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:02.28.

Wathen was also a member of the winning 1600 and 3200-meter relay teams. He, along with Nick Corrales and Lawrence Robinson, were members of each team.

Stroudsburg's Taylor Sullivan set a new school record in the pole vault with a vault of nine feet, six inches.


Stroudsburg 117, Pleasant Valley 33

100M - 1. Langston Northern (S) 10.62, 2. Keyautay Aulder (S), 3. Kegan Bray (PV); 200M - 1. Langston Northern (S) 21.52, 2. Kegan Bray (PV), 3. Donavan McDonald (S); 400M - 1. Donavan McDonald (S) 49.75, 2. Kegan Bray (PV), 3. Justin Smigley (S); 800M - 1. Jack Wathen (PV) 2:02.28, 2. Nick Corrales (PV), 3. Ryan Clouse (S); 1600M - 1. Mark Pfaeffle (S) 4:40.64, 2. Anthony Ruiz (S), 3. Alex Larkin (PV); 3200M - 1. Matt Koch (S) 9:59.4, 2. Mark Pfeiffer (S), 3. Joe Phillips (PV); 110HH - 1. Ben Kloepping (S) 15.15, 2. Darius Gonzalez (S), 3. Zak Bybee (S); 300HH - 1. Darius Gonzalez (S) 41.72, 2. Mike Masullo (PV), 3. Ben Kloepping (S); 400M Relay - 1. Stroudsburg (Patterson, Aulder, Mosley, Northern) 42.22; 1600M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Robinson, Corrales, Wathen, Bray) 3:31; 3200M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Ruiz, Corrales, Robinson, Wathen) 8:57.36; Shot Put - 1. Jon Passmore (S) 46-5 12, 2. Rob Karstendiek (S), 3. Ryan Barry (S); Discus - 1. Jon Passmore (S) 143-8 12, 2. Amir Mohamed (S), 3. Khalid Lai-Fang (S); Javelin - 1. Yianni Korovesis (S) 164-4, 2. Alex Leh (S), 3. Davonn Willis (S); Long Jump - 1. Quay Rogers (S) 19-4, 2. Jordon Ellison (S), 3. JaVaughn Patterson (S); Triple Jump - 1. David Clowney (S) 43-4 34, 2. Quay Rogers (S), 3. JaVaughn Patterson (S); High Jump - 1. Jason Green (S) 6-6, 2. Donovan Clay (S), 3. Justin Fenn (S); Pole Vault - 1. Kenji Okamoto (S) 13-6, 2. Cameron Cramer (S), 3. Kareem Mohamed (S).


Stroudsburg 82, Pleasant Valley 68

100M - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 12.05, 2. Nastassia Hyatt (S), 3. Dominique Jefferson (S); 200M - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 25.5, 2. Aspen Gaita (S), 3. Natassia Hyatt (S); 400M - 1. Kianna Tucker (S) 1:00.58, 2. Steph Palmer (PV), 3. Alyssa Rivera (S); 800M - 1. Melissa Russo (PV) 2:27.75, 2. Steph Palmer (PV), 3. Justina McLaughlin (S); 1600M - 1. Kristen Eberhardt (PV) 5:37.46, 2. Alyssa Jones (S), 3. Sam Young (PV); 3200M - 1. Stacy Wojy (PV) 13:25, 2. Kristen Eberhardt (PV), 3. Sam Young (PV); 100HH - 1. Kiasia Dunbar (PV) 16.25, 2. Dominique Jefferson (S), 3. Jenn Faust (S); 300HH - 1. Kiasia Dunbar (PV) 47.58, 2. Dominique Jefferson (S), 3. Jenn Faust (S); 400M Relay - 1. Stroudsburg (White, Hernandez, Jefferson, Hyatt) 50.75; 1600M Relay - 1. Stroudsburg (Rivera, Fall, Hyatt, DeSouza) 4:52.4; 3200M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Palmer, Eberhardt, Young, Russo) 10:14.4; Shot Put - 1. Katie Nguyen (S) 31-4, 2. Sarah Borden (S), 3. Angie Grant (S); Discus - 1. Liz Leh (S) 95-9, 2. Fallon Joseph (S), 3. Sarah Buzzard (S); Javelin - 1. Alyssa Ulrich (PV) 98-7, 2. Audra Fetherman (S), 3. Iyanla Robinson (S); Long Jump - 1. Aspen Gaita (S) 16-0, 2. Kelecia Harris (PV), 3. Sarah Hernandez (S); Triple Jump - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 35-8 12, 2. Normani Marbury (PV), 3. Haley McCain-Hill (S); High Jump - 1. Haley McClain-Hill (S) 5-4, 2. Aspen Gaita (S), 3. Courtney Miller (PV); Pole Vault - 1. Taylor Sullivan (S) 9-6, 2. Maria Andrews (S), 3. Shelby Bentzoni (S).

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