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Concerns about climate change decrease

Published June 02. 2012 09:01AM

Critics about climate change skeptics who are not willing to panic about the possibility of global warming (or cooling depending on who is discussing it when) may have lost some steam in their argument that those who do not believe climate change is a serious issue are scientifically ignorant.

A study published recently in the journal Nature Climate Change found that as the scientific knowledge of its participants increased, concerns about climate change decreased.

To be honest, that conclusion really does not surprise me since I have stated for years that climate trends tend to take thousands of years to cycle and it is natural when only viewing a hundred years worth of data to discover variations that could be quite varied on a micro-scale. Politicians like Al Gore have latched onto the research initially performed with integrity by scientists and have twisted it to expand and solidify their personal power bases and bank accounts. Because of who they are, no one dares suggest this is not legitimate but if one looks at people like Gore and those who have followed his lead one will find a trail of wealth and power created on this research.

It is well known that Gore owns interest in some of the "green companies" who are supposed to mitigate our alleged contributions to global warming. His Academy award winning farce of "An Inconvenient Truth" contained fraudulent cinematography of glaciers that only exist in the computers of the film makers of the fictional movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and some of the research used to support his claims have been debunked when the scientists creating them were discovered to have "tweaked" data.

I'm sure this most recent survey that shows global warming skeptics have a much greater scientific acumen was disappointing to those who believe themselves to be knowledgeable about science, but they will find some way to rationalize it. Perhaps it will be a panel discussion during a trip on one of Gore's private planes.

In other science news, archaeologists claim that they may have pinpointed the year of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. Researchers have accepted for several years that Christ was probably crucified on a Friday, April 3rd. This date was determined by reading not only the Gospel accounts of his death but contemporary history documents as well.

They used this information as well as records about Passover celebrations to select the date but the year was uncertain until recently. Now using core samples taken from a region near the Dead Sea, scientists have learned that there were two earthquakes that affected the vicinity, one in 31BC and another in the early first century A.D. sometime between 26 A.D. and 36 A.D.

According to the Discovery News story, scientists were able to use several historical sources along with the geological data and astronomical calculations to narrow down the possible years of Christ's crucifixion to one candidate, Friday April 3, 33 A.D. Besides the earthquake, the Bible also describes darkness settling over the region so scientists are further investigating if the sediments indicating the earthquake also contain hints of a dust storm, but they have not yet been able to make a conclusion.

While some archaeologists have been exploring this interesting question, others have found a cache of jewelry at the site of the future Biblical Armageddon. Megiddo the site of the future battle between good and evil became the location of an unearthed treasure trove of intricate golden jewelry according to an article on the Fox News website.

The stash of jewelry containing intricate molded pieces of high quality appeared to have been left behind in a ceramic vessel indicating the owner probably planned to hide them instead of just leaving abruptly according to the article.

My thought is perhaps the jewelry was placed there to make the good guys or the bad guys look fashionable as they fight for good or evil depending for whom the jewelry's finder is fighting. I guess no one will be finding that bonus on Armageddon day now.

Speaking of Armageddon, a story reports that an alien planet appears to be disintegrating as its sun melts it. The story says the 3600 degree Fahrenheit heat is melting the planet and breaking it apart so that within 100 million years, the planet will be obliterated. That brings a new meaning to the tune "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight." Perhaps we could send Al Gore there to sell carbon credits and buy the scorched inhabitants a few thousand years.

Last but not least, reported that beloved Star Trek Actor James "Mr. Scott" Doohan's ashes were laid to rest in space according to his wishes on the Dragon capsule launched with the Falcon 9 rocket last week. Doohan's ashes along with Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper were among 308 people who were laid to rest in space on the capsule. I guess one could say it was the last time Mr. Scott beamed up.

Til next time …

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