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Prescription out sourcing

Published July 28. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

Over the past several months and recently we have been plagued by the news media with political ads on outsourcing. Recently the best error my a major clothes manufacturer was with the Olympic uniforms that were made in China and not here in the U.S.A. Congress was quick to act to pass legislation to curtail further action. Right on this issue but not health care.

I couldn't help recall a major outsourcing plan that our government has in place and I do not put the blame on any one specific political party but on big business. Do you recall years ago when you visited your health care provider you were told "to reduce your prescription cost ask for generic." Every prescription has a block that the doctor would check for substitution or generic. We all did and our drug costs were lowered. If you had to buy trade name drugs and the cost was high. Bus loads of folks when to Canada or did without. The next part of the equation was when companies forced you to have your prescriptions filled by mail order. Your local druggist was out of the equation and you had to rely on an unknown, sight unseen person to fill your prescription.

All talks were held over the phone and quantities were set for a 90-day supply. If you failed to comply with that policy and went to a local druggist your were penalized with higher costs. Higher than ever trade named drugs.

I, like all of you fell in line with the corporate mandate. Now here's the kicker. These mail order companies were able to bundle the purchase of drugs to larger volumes, prepackaged to increase their profits and all that was required was to affix your label and directions on the prepackaged bottle. They do not even have to count pills anymore and transfer them from one bottle to the next.

I just received my recent order from my mail order supplier and after reading the prescription and manufacturing original labels on six prescriptions, I discovered my medications were being made in INDIA. Talk about out sourcing.

One company in particular Sun Pharma has a $20 billion business in the United States and check this out they are looking to the FDA. That is right - the FEDERAL DRUG ADMINISTRATION to authorize more sales of various drugs. This was only one company that I noticed on the prepackage, relabeled prescription that I received. Sun Pharm broke into the U.S. market with an acquisition of a company in Detroit and moved it to India. If you doubt these comments do a GOOGLE search and read it yourself.

Now it is one thing to our source our tippy cups sold at your nearest dollar store but why my prescription and whey in the hell is the FDA the culprit in the out sourcing? This is pure unadulterated bull. Congress should be equally upset about my medicine and its controls as they are about the Olympic uniforms. You wonder why you have a reaction taking your pills. It probably contain rat feces in it from INDIA.

From the pen of

Ken Treger,


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