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Bowden showing real feelings

Published July 28. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I'm writing this letter to comment on my opinion of all that is happening at Penn State. People have voiced their opinions and many want the statue of Joe Paterno removed. Since I have nothing to stop this procedure my comments regard other circumstances.

One person who said "remove it" was Bobby Bowden! Bobby Bowden? Bobby Bowden! This man pretended he was a good friend of Joe Paterno. Now that Joe is gone the real Mr. Bowden step forward! Mr. Bowden hated every victory Penn State had after his retirement and now he, "Bowden," is showing his real feelings. From what I've read and heard Florida State, Miami and Florida had enough to hide their faces. At least Penn State football players graduated with honors and they weren't in basket weaving, bartending and "paint by numbers"!

There must be many like myself (84 years old) who remember when Miami's football team arrived in Arizona wearing Army fatigues and was all prepared to "put it to Penn State." It didn't happen, but what did take place was smashing their quarters so badly the "then committee swore they "Miami" would never be invited back again to their bowl game!

Before Sandusky's child sex scandal took place - years ago - he was my idol.

With his line backing coaching and all or most writers outside of Penn State called it Joe Paterno's "Line Backer U." This we know was Sandusky's "Line Backer U." That was then, this is now! I detest Sandusky just as everyone else does and his punishment is deserved. So, the millions of dollars won't make up for his wrong doings.

Just two weeks ago while shopping, I had a Penn State jersey on when a once friend asked me "you still wear that jersey?" I replied "Do you still pray?" He must have forgotten about all the priests that committed the same crimes as Sandusky did. He has not talked to me since!

Now it seems NCAA President Mark Emmert is considering punishing all the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and senior foot ball players whom are not responsible for Paterno's doings. Does he intend to do the same at Notre Dame because of a few priests who committed crimes equal to Sandusky's? I think not! What's fair is fair.

As for former FBI Agent "Freehs" 267 page report on Penn State. Let him not forget one time boss of the FBI was a little "abnormal" with his sexual behavior! Does this make all FBI men responsible? Of course not! Why then should all the students of Penn State be punished? You can bet your last dollar if and when Penn State football players come on the field they will be booed, jeered and have to pay the price they shouldn't have to because of all that's now happening.

These are just some of my own feelings. You can reject them or accept them just as I do when confronted with any subject! I know now I will h ave many rebuttals, but also some agreeable letters. I welcome them for this is what makes the world go around.

Paul J. Martin


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