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Voter suppression

Published January 30. 2012 05:03PM

Dear Editor:

Some Pennsylvania legislators are attempting to enact a voter suppression bill, House Bill 934, which will disenfranchise as many as 11 percent of eligible voters from voting. You may be one of them if you don't have a current government issued photo I.D.

Who are those eligible voters? Senior citizens, those who never had a driver's license but have voted most of their lives because they believed it was their right and responsibility. Seniors who have had a current driver's license but let it drop because they no longer drive. Young people 18 and over who do not have a driver's license that identifies their current residence. Racial minorities and the working poor without driver's licenses. Folks with disabilities. In short, any eligible voter who doesn't have a current government issue photo I.D. and wishes to vote.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center issued a report which said that HB 934 would cost more than 11 million dollars to implement in the first year alone!

So, why this bill? why this costly and hugely disruptive piece of legislation? It is a made-up tactic to justify the fear of voter fraud that doesn't exist. It's pure nonsense. There is no record of voter fraud in your state. Pennsylvania always has had a well-run and efficient voting record with no fraud.

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania has found no evidence there is voter fraud in the state that a photo ID would solve. HB 934 is a Government solution for a problem that doesn't exist. It is a thinly disguised attempt at voter suppression.

In the past, some states in our country has instituted a Poll Tax in an effort to restrict the poor and blacks from voting. We had to initiate the 24th Amendment to overthrow that piece of voter suppression. Will we now have to enact another amendment to repeal this NEW voter suppression bill?

I have contacted my State Senator and asked that he oppose this clearly fraudulent House Bill 934.

Will you contact yours?

Skip La Police, Tamaqua

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