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Our younger generation needs good role models

Published January 30. 2012 05:04PM

Dear Editor:

Finally, we have a popular celebrity who is setting a good example for the youth in America. Good role models are so few and far between in this day and age, and I am sure everyone already knows who I am referring to. I want to congratulate Tim Tebow of the Denver Bronco's for all of his accomplishments during his career playing football, and especially for his example in giving thanks to the one who deserves the recognition for blessing him with his talents.

Also, I feel Rick Santorum, who is running as a Republican candidate for president, is another good role model for America with his sincere convictions in his beliefs, while campaigning to bring back family unity, and good moral standards in America like our founding fathers intended. These are the types of people who have made our country great and the blessed Nation it is struggling to remain in today's ever changing world.

Furthermore, all of us as the older and supposedly wiser generation need to continue to set good examples for our children to grow up with and to live by. To teach our young people how important it is to have respect for others as well as themselves, and "to do unto others as they would have others do unto them". These concepts being taught to our children at an early stage in their life would most likely eliminate this "bullying" crisis now existing in our school system.

Unfortunately, in today's world we are experiencing people with a celebrity status such as "Madonna" and "Lady Gaga" who are appealing to very young girls all over the world in portraying a very sexually disgusting personification. Tiger Woods is another disappointment as a role model of someone who had a huge fan base of young people while displaying a degrading immoral image, as representing not only a well known professional golfer, but more importantly as a husband, and father for his young children.

What ever happened to parents wanting to teach their young girls to be "ladies" and their young boys to be "gentleman" like I was raised, and I raised my children. Children are a reflection of their parents and young parents raising their offspring in today's society better realize this if they expect their children to grow up to be upstanding citizens in their adult years.

Our country must continue to display the moral and ethical standards it has become known for throughout the world or America will begin to lose the many blessings God has bestowed upon the United States of America throughout our existing history. The perception of having a good "role model" to lead America into the future must be a top priority when choosing our next President.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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