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Stray cat issue

Published February 04. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate the Borough of Tamaqua for taking issue with the stray cat issue. It's about time someone did. There appears to the writer that variations in standards exist in the communities for man's best friend, the dog, than for cats. If you have ever been subjected to a stray cat or a neighbor allowing their pet to roam the neighborhood using your property for a toilet you will know what frustration is. The stench is deplorable. I do not have any objection to the cat population but when they infringe upon our rights as a property owner then I do. I have some suggestions.

* Impose a license for cats as you do for dogs. Use the collected funds to fund the ASPCA they could use the money. The ASPCA is overrun with cats.

* We all watch animal planet and see folks with 20 plus cats in their home. Limit the ownership of cats in a home.

* If your cat remains indoors find a way to dispose of the waste and not in township dump.

* Use an electric fence around your property as you do for dog owners.

* Dog owners walk their pets and use a scoop to pick up the scat. Why not walk your cat. No! It's easier to open the door and let them run wild around the neighborhood. Try that with your dog!

* If your concern is about starvation as mentioned in the article, what about cats killing and eating birds? And a bell around its neck does not work. Where are the advocates for wild birds?

* We're told not to feed the bears with bird feeders. But what about cats using bird feeders to catch birds.

* Impose a fine on any homeowner that feeds feral cats. Use those funds for the ASPCA. That fine should equal the cost of feeding a cat for 12 months. The down side is who implements the control and collects the fines.

* I am confident that you can add many more.

Great job Mr. Connely. Perhaps some of your fellow townships will follow your lead.

From the pen of,

K Treger, Lehighton

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