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Unconscionable behavior

Published December 29. 2012 09:01AM

Another year has come and gone and as 2012 leaves and 2013 enters at least as I write this we face the fiscal cliff. With regard to this topic and what astounds me is how many people don't seem to get it. This is not a matter of whether tax rates should be changed and on which class of citizens or should I say which wage earners should be hit for the bill. This is a matter of 538 out of control senators and representatives who are hooked on spending other people's money. Yet people are not mad enough at them yet. Instead they choose to fight with each other.

There should be 300 million phones ringing the Congress, the White House and any other Federal authorities line that we can find. This out of control spending is unconscionable behavior and it needs to stop. These leaders are addicted to spending money they do not have and burying all of us in debt so deep that this country will never recover. Dig out your paycheck and take a look at it closely. Note your net pay. Now imagine every two weeks or however often you are paid that you borrow just as much, so if you make $500 dollars in that period, you borrow an additional $500 to live on until you are paid again. That means you would take home $13,000 in the course of a year but owe $13,000 as well. If you did this for four years, you would owe $52,000 plus interest. If we would not do it, why do we let the government do it?

I do not want to belabor it, but I challenge each of you to consider this. Our country does not have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem. This isn't an original concept and not my original thought, but it is almost a tautology. For those not familiar with logic, that means it is a self evident truth. I have no problem with being taxed when I see that my tax dollars are being spent with discretion and responsibility, but I have a serious issue with a government that spends more than it makes and it's idea of fixing the problem is to steal more money from us to cover a fraction of what they spend. Yes, they are spending even more money than the revenue they would raise of the pretentious President has his way. When will it stop and why would you support this irresponsibility is beyond me? To be fair, I could care less if it is a Democrat, Republican or circus clown. At this point they might as well be the same thing since none of them are fiscally responsible.

Our country needs to return to basics. The Constitution of the United States arguably one of the greatest documents on the planet was written to be a living blueprint. Regardless of what revisionists would have you believe, the document is not dated and has not outlived its usefulness. It described a republic with limited powers. One that sustained states which in turn supported a Federal government that provided a common defense, negotiated interstate commerce issues and foreign policy and solved interstate disputes. While there are some other powers, they Federal government was extremely limited and sovereignty over most other areas was returned to the states. There has been a deliberate erosion since the close of the Civil War of our freedom as states and now in the last thirty years in our personal rights as well.

Just this week, New York and Illinois are proving how stupid their leaderships are. A New York newspaper has printed the list of its readership's gun owners and Illinois is debating the same. How dumb are these people? Why not just give thieves, rapists and murderers a map to their victims. Need a gun? Here' s where they are. Or do you prefer not to get shot? Then this list of homeowners will show you who to avoid. This my friends is a violation of our privacy, and it is a direct, negligent threat to the safety and welfare of law abiding citizens and is a travesty. Those officials who have allowed this to occur have willfully endangered the lives of their constituents, and they should be fired.

To top it all off, we find that liberals will hold conservative feet to the fire and accuse them of violating civil rights at the drop of a hat, but they see themselves as being above the law themselves. Case in point is moderator David Gregory of "Meet the Press". Gregory held a high capacity magazine up to show the world he could obtain one after he and NBC were warned by law enforcement that it was a violation of the law. He is under investigation at press time and if found guilty, he can face five to fifteen years in prison. He should get the maximum sentence for such a defiant action if it was not authorized.

And so as we move into 2013, we find ourselves in a world that sees the United States in a precarious economic situation. This is not a Republican/Democrat issue. This is an American issue and it is one that should make you express your voice and tell your friends to do the same. If we do not speak up now for America, then the chance may be gone forever. We will continue to slave for our government while they continue to spend more money than they have until there is no more. At that point, we all lose. Start calling them and telling them this is not acceptable and continue calling until they listen.

Happy New Year, stay safe and here's hoping 2013 ends up better than it will be starting.

Til next time…

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