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Investing our hard earned bucks

Published December 01. 2012 09:03AM

Dear Editor:

With a bad economy and interest rates at their lowest points, where in the world can we invest any money that we may have saved or squirreled away for our "Golden Years"?

CD's were my best way for many a moon, but with CD's paying .02 or .03 percent interest…well it's ridiculous. If your arithmetic is correct, .02 is two tenths of one percent. If it's possible to get any lower, we will be paying the banks to keep guard of our money. Another way, is burying it in the back yard. But as we age, we probably would forget where we buried it, of course that is if we have any money to bury!

Years ago, me and an old friend from Lansford, got into collecting/buying coins and stamps. He also bought silver bullion. If he saved it, this turned out to be a great investment. He also bought stamps that were a little on the scarce side, or even rare. This is another good investment.

This old friend of mine also buys cars that are second hand…but in the best of condition. He probably has/had the right idea. Cars aren't a good investment. Although I have bought over a dozen cars and trucks new, they soon get old. Is this money down the drain, or is it strictly bragging rights?

But, just the other day, I got a monthly report from one of my banks that showed I got .09 percent on one of my CDs! Is this a trend? How in the world could anybody get excited about getting an extra 6 tenths of one percent? This ladies and gentlemen is ridiculous.

For our younger generation, not that many years ago, CDs were paying over 16 percent. Now, this is worth investing into, but not what we are getting now days.

Now we have the opportunity to buy stocks. If lucky we could buy low, and it could escalate into fortunes. Many did! Many made millions of dollars over a short period of time…but some have lost their shirts. Yes, buy low, sell high. But us average people don't have this kind of money to play the markets. One of the sayings in the stock market is…If you don't have the money to lose, don't buy stocks!

Now back to my old friend. He bought stocks or bonds in banks. According to him he did well. But, we do see banks going bankrupt. Being a poor loser, I never invested any money into the stock market. Maybe I should have but I probably would have been one of those guys that lost it all.

Now, the biggest winner of them all…buying gold. But once again, it's probably too late with the price of gold at its all time high. Gold has been high in other years, but crashed, just like stocks.

Is there any advice to our younger generation…Head to Alaska and start panning for gold. If you watched "Gold Rush" on TV, they could make millions in a matter of a few months. But there is a catch, it cost hundreds of thousands to get the right equipment to mine gold. Our younger generation just doesn't have the money. Why, well many go to college, get into debt. Marry, have children and of course buy a new car, furniture and a new home. This is supposedly the way the young-ones do things these days.

Last but not least, I had a neighbor in Lansford that always said to me, "Save your money while you're young." Just before he died, I was talking to him and at this time period he said, "Enjoy yourself when you are young."

David Kuchta


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