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Adventure canopy will be wrong

Published December 01. 2012 09:04AM

Dear Editor:

My husband and myself are writing this letter to express our concern(s) for the so called proposed Navitat Adventure Canopy.

He and I spent several years deciding where we would retire to.

Just by chance, he contacted an old friend (Carl Anello) and told Carl of our plans. Carl mentioned that several properties were available in the Marty Axman Development.

We then made a trip up to see them.

At once we fell in love, it was everything we wanted. A mixed bag of young, medium and seniors.

It also had a very serene and quiet environment.

As time went on and we began to build we found out we were not alone in our thinking.

The Marty Axman Development was about to take off with homesteaders.

Seems everyone was looking for the same things as us.

If the Navitat Canopy is allowed to move forward, these things will be lost.

We don't want the traffic of people nor vehicles and anything else that comes with Navitat.

We feel that our contribution to Jim Thorpe and all it represents should be preserved for future generations like ourselves.

Bear in mind we are responsible for a large amount of the cities taxes and caring for our community.

Another consideration is our ecosystem. Do we know the ramifications of this upsetness?

Our children also need protection from any increase in the traffic flow.

It only takes one accident to discover we made a mistake.

It seems to us that a lot more thought must go into what this will do both mentally and physically to our development.

I speak for more than just my husband and I.

We have spoken to several homeowners and they feel exactly as we do even now.

We are hoping and praying the right decision is made to protect all of us that reside here.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Coppola

97 Sparrow Lane,

Jim Thorpe

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