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What did Sandusky trial symbolize?

Published August 11. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

By now, everyone from here to Uruguay has heard about Jerry Sandusky's molestation of boys. As for now, the evil perpetrator is behind bars. His face is however, permanently etched into our minds; probably forever. The fallout of litigation will go on and on, and except for the fate of our beloved alamater, Penn State University, the shock of what went on will slowly fade away and be absorbed into our souls. We've already encountered the next shock; that of the Batman movie shootings in Colorado.

What I will remember of all of this will be the daily testimonies of the victims covered by the media, along with all of the other articles of the like scattered throughout the pages on a daily basis. These articles included the sexual encounters by the school faculty of various schools with students, the ongoing sexual scandals and prosecution of the catholic clergy, oh, and then there was an article about a man who was stopped for masturbating behind the wheel of his car by the police, and your usual rapes and other molestation cases. These articles read like a porn novel and they embarrassed me, later making me physically ill. After looking through these articles, I stopped reading the newspaper. My very soul was vexed. I had never encountered so much blatant pornographic reading in my lifetime, let alone getting it from a local newspaper. Who wants to encounter deviate sex, or the rape of little children while reading the paper over a cup of coffee or breakfast? Can we ever get away from this flood of filth while seems to hold our attention captive over and over again like an unwanted t.v. rerun?

Has our nation sunk so low that the sin of incest is now an accepted social norm? Ask any psychologist or psychiatrist. President Obama was right when he said that we are no longer a Christian nation. The darkest, most backward country isn't as morally bankrupt as ours. Those of you who can, think back to just two generations ago and remember modest living and happier times; contented children playing throughout the town and coming home for dinner; then going back outside until dark and not worrying about being abducted by some pervert, hiding, waiting for a chance to lure an innocent or simply abducting a young unsuspecting child.

If you had read any part of the Bible, throughout history of mankind God destroyed the people of great empires, including Israel, when the stench of sins like these reached to his nostrils. His judgments are here now, falling upon our wicked nation. Just watch any weather forecast on television to see the news of tornadoes, severe storms, and record-breaking temperatures baking the earth. Soon the price of food and everything else skyrocket because of our unusual weather. There are calamities in space also, as we are being bombarded regularly with the heat radiation of x-class solar flares (the strongest category) coming from the sun. Earthquakes, are daily shaking our states. Incoming objects are just missing the earth regularly. It has never been like this before. I believe we have gone too far morally and there is no way out.

Remember this the next time you look up at the sky as the ominous black clouds gather to produce yet another severe storm, and you hear the fearsome rumblings of thunder and see the lightning storms, hoping that the destruction will pass by. This is God speaking to a wicked and sinful generation and warning us that His judgment is nigh at hand.

Respectfully submitted,

Faye Ruckhardt


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