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Unconditional love

Published April 21. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

He looked down, kissing the face that was loving and kind.

Come on let's go for that walk.

Opening the door, looking out it was a perfect day. The kind he loved, warm, sunny, bright and in the morning. Hope the rest of the day is just like this. The weather is great.

How he hated the winter. It was long, cold and dark. It always reminded him of his brother. How he missed him. It was too lonely, all that time of the year. Well at least now he had a companion and the time went quicker and nicer.

This is the only kind of snow I want to see in this yard, He said, laughing to his friend, remembering, and the wrestling match a few nights before. They were pulling on a stuffed rabbit trying to decide who was going to win the battle The little white stuffing from inside, flowing all around them as their faces got full of straw from the struggle.

Well let's go, he said to his companion. They headed up the hill on the stone and dirt road. They walked thru the woods, passed his grandparents, aunts and uncles house to the clearing which was a field. But first always a stop to give his Mommy a kiss.

As they walked they would learn from each other, one showing the other something new and different. Watching the squirrels scatter about, listening to the birds sing, and butterflies dancing in the wind, off the flowers as they would watched out for puddles from the rains as they headed toward the clearing.

They were always looking for something new to explore and going in a different direction, one being as stubborn as the other on their opinion on who was to lead the way.

Hey this year will be the first time we get to celebrate our birthdays together. They were born two days and a lot of years apart in November. Only two more months to go. We really have to have a special meal for this one.

There was a bond, an understanding, caring, trust and love between them. They had found peace with each other in a special way.

Today was a new day, a new beginning to explore and discover a new place.

The field was always where he'd say let's go home! Running, his companion would watch as the grass would fly under foot. The tall grass was full of dew as the sun shone upon it, glistening making rainbows dance off the wet grass.

The field was alive and exciting to his friend. They were running, playing and dancing in circles.

This reminded him of his brother, playing baseball and playing in the band. He wanted to be home with him. How he wished his brother was home. He told his new friend about his brother always in secret, as if it was a treat to talk about him.

Come here. Let's rest for a while before we have our breakfast, he said to his new best friend.

The noise from the ambulance startled the puppy as it pulled up beside him.

The puppy looked at the people. What are they doing? Who are they?

Walking slowly and gently he stopped at his master's heart, pawing at it to wake him.

He looked down, kissing the face that was loving and kind.

You'll be going for that walk alone now, to your brother with all my love. For your dog spelled backwards is GOD.

Several days later the puppy was in a room of which he was not familiar. The air felt heavy with emotion. People were crying, sad and at a loss.

He was drawn to the front of the room. A force was pulling him to go to a long container. Carefully stepping onto the kneeling bench, he looked inside. There he kissed the hand of his master once again. This would be his last good-bye. Edging forward he found the face he loved, stared at it the turned to face the room.

No one said a word, they just stared at him. He lowered his head, removed his paws from the coffin, looking at the floor. He laid beside his master for awhile

Someone's senses made him go toward them. The man in front of him had the same smells and sense of belonging to his master. The man looked at him, patted him on his head. It's OK buddy. I will miss him too. You are a good boy.

Walking among the group, he found others that needed comforting. A lady who did not like dogs pulled him toward her. He rested his head on her lap as she gentle stoked his back. She repeatedly said it's alright little one, you can let go of him. She was saying it more for herself than to him.

His friend who had brought him to the room spoke to the group of relatives and friends. She cried. He went to comfort her. The people watched him as if he had done nothing wrong. They cried more.

The puppy walked to several other people, kissing them. He was feeling happier, as if he had made the circle complete. He finished the job he had started, being a friend and companion to his master and now his master's family.

Thank you for being kind.


P.T. Browser

Written by Raelene Eckley (his puppy's great grand mom)

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