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Take your ball and go home

Published April 14. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

Here we go again. Cry, cry, cry. Anyone looking to make extra money need only to invest in the Kleenex Co. or any other company that makes tissues and they will make a ton of money. While very brief I am referring to the March 31st Letter to the Editor penned by Mr. Billy O'Gurek Jr. I have several problems with his letter.

Number one, I think it is hysterical that he take to task the TIMES NEWS, which is his father's second employer. Why? Because the TIMES NEWS obviously sent someone to cover the anti-Obama health care rally in Washington, D.C. and did NOT cover the recent redistricting in Harrisburg.

Now, let us remember that Mr. O'Gurek Jr. is the chairman of the Carbon County Democratic Committee and a strong supporter of President Obama. Therefore, he would not be happy with anti Obama anything. He resides in Summit Hill and the way the redistricting was set was that Summit Hill would be removed from the 122nd legislative district.

A national health care reform will affect millions of people, hospitals, doctors, etc. With the economy being what it is, people CANNOT afford mandatory health care and what all it will affect. They are not as fortunate as O'Gurek Jr. who has a very nice state job with benefits. It is a national situation whereas the redistricting would have affected the citizens of Summit Hill and only them. Let's see, health care versus the redistricting of Summit Hill, I have to admit, tough call.

My second concern is the taking to task the TIMES NEWS (via Amy Miller's so called reporting) that has pandered to his father since the Carbon County Democratic Executive Board and Judge Roger Nanovic chose to ignore the wishes of the voters of Carbon County and had Billy O'Gurek Sr. appointed to the Carbon County Board of Commissioners after the voters of Carbon County SOUNDLY DEFEATED him.

The temper tantrums, Letters to the Editor, crying, etc. was the worst ever witnessed by me. How dare the voters of Carbon County oust Billy O'Gurek Sr.? Unthinkable. It was this kind of thinking that added to the defeat of Mr. O'Gurek. Out of touch with the voters, an aloof attitude, and the thinking it could not happen, all contributed to the defeat.

Cries of lies, unfair campaign advertising, etc. were all used as to why the loss. Never mind the MONTHS before the election, rumors were rampant that the Democrats felt O'Gurek Sr. was the "weak link." Never mind that those same rumors also stated that should O'Gurek lose, Charles Getz would "step down" and O'Gurek would be appointed. This was LONG fore any Republican advertising appeared.

Since his appointment, O'Gurek Sr. has received top billing in his coverage of the TIMES NEWS. Anything and everything that either of the Majority Commissioners have said is buried. One would think O'Gurek Sr. is still the Chairman of the Board and in the majority. This also includes situations that obviously were going on under the nose of the O'Gurek/Getz administration but not rectified. O'Gurek Sr. claims they were unaware. OK, I'll buy that as well. Not really.

I would think Billy O'Gurek Jr. should be grateful for how wonderful his dad has been treated by the TIMES NEWS. Besides providing him with a second income, he gets the preferential treatment he does.

Billy O'Gurek Sr. has shown he is there to collect a salary, benefits and to serve as the antagonist. He has not shown me or anyone else that he truly cares about this county or its residents. He cares about himself and making headlines. And, sadly, the very paper that Billy O'Gurek Jr. has taken to task, complies. I am wondering how the paper would handle things should some things come out that could not be hidden or buried?

All we have heard since the defeat of Billy O'Gurek Sr. is crying and now it seems to have spilled over to the next generation. I leave with these words of advice; to Billy O'Gurek Jr. take your ball and go home. To everyone else; buy stock in Kleenex! And yes, I fully expect that Sr. O'Gurek will be shown this, in advance, so he can gather his troops to respond. I will be ready.


Kevin F. Hines,

Beaver Meadows

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