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Discovering mythical creatures

Published October 15. 2011 09:01AM

There's an interesting site called Listverse that contains lists of all kinds pertaining to all types of subjects. I discovered while doing research on an article I saw on the Fox News website that mentioned a team of American and Russian scientists were joining forces in an attempt to track down the mythical Yeti or Abominable Snowman that supposedly lives and roams the mountainous regions of Asia which is quite a large part of the continent in actuality.

The Yeti, a relative or Asian version of the creature known to Native Americans and now us as well as Bigfoot or Sasquatch has traditionally been mythical with only anecdotal evidence of the creature and several hoaxes designed to "discover" him, but in reality just further cementing to the skeptical the idea that the Sasquatch is a dream creature that exists in our imagination. The creature has been attributed to several things at different times including people in ape suits, the gorilla, a grizzly bear on hind legs among others.

I have to admit a healthy dose of skepticism about these creatures existing in light of recent new stories about hoaxers including the man who shot the famous video of Bigfoot supposedly confessing the fraud on his deathbed, but do hoaxers legitimately cancel the possibility this creature exists? There are so many cases of mythical creatures being discovered to be genuine that I still do not believe we can dismiss any of them out of hand. This led me to my discovery of mythical creatures on Listverse that have turned out to be real.

While I'm not going to review the whole list here, I would invite you to guess at what animals are on this list. Most of them were only discovered in the last five hundred years which I would consider fairly recent. Could a race or species of Bigfoot creatures exist under our noses without our knowledge? I would venture the answer could be: "Of course!"

Before you start laughing, consider this. We humans always consider creatures on this planet to be animalistic or dumb, but years of research have proven that this is not necessarily true. Dolphins are quite intelligent animals as are chimpanzees and surprisingly crows. In fact recent research has shown that crows possess memory skills and are tool makers. They can synthesize useful objects with their beaks which shows a degree of intelligence. We know monkeys can learn sign language and dolphins can communicate intelligently as well.

Furthermore, we are aware of a handful of natives on various islands in the South Pacific that have never made contact with the world outside their island. If we hadn't been flying over such islands, we may never have learned of their existence, but they are there whether we know it to be true or not.

Now imagine an alternate human species such as the Neanderthal that we have assumed are extinct. Scientists believe there could have been up to four different species of man on this planet in our past, but they conjecture all but the homo sapien died off for various reasons. What if they didn't? Just because the species isn't us, I don't think it unconditionally relegates it to the stupid pile. Could an alternate intelligent species of mammal of the homo genus exist today in a remote part of the planet or even in a subterranean area?

We scoff and say, "Impossible," but maybe it is not. If a species like that has existed for millions of years on this planetary ball besides us but not commingled with us, then who is to say it has not continued to live until today. There are plenty of ultra-remote places that could safely conceal such a species, the remote Northwest, most mountain ranges, Siberia, the deserts. If they learned to adapt and learned to hide there is a good chance they could avoid us.

Where are the dead is one question put toward those who advocate the existence of Bigfoot? If these creatures are intelligent, then maybe they bury them as well, or they copy what they observe us doing. It is entirely possible this creature is smart enough to survive without interacting with us, but yet be not smart enough to advance. Anything is possible. Is it probable? I'm not sure about that, but I would not say it is impossible. I'm open to the idea that another species close to human exists. The world is a big place.

Remember that list I asked you to make. Retrieve it and read through the creatures you wrote on it. If you took this seriously, then you would have selected ten of the million species on this planet. Ten real animals.

Does your list have any of these animals on themthe gorilla, the okapi, the giant panda, the giraffe, the takin, the python, the giant squid, the Komodo dragon, the beaked whale and the tiger? All creatures we take for granted which for centuries were considered mythical and imaginary. The tiger is believed to be the real animal upon which the manticore is based. Gorillas were believed at one time to abduct and rape women.

The python is believed to be the basis of the mythical dragon mentioned as early as the 8th century AD.

So who is to say Bigfoot is imaginary? Perhaps one day we will find out for sure. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Perhaps the evidence the world craves, or maybe not, but let's not be dismissive without cause.

Til next time …

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