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Published October 01. 2011 09:01AM

First Niagara is making like it's not such a big deal that it's branch bank in Summit Hill is going to close after the start of the new year. Well, it's a big deal to me, and I'm sure it is to a lot of other Summit Hill customers.

Watch Navy vs. Air Force today at noon on CBS. It's likely to be one of the most exciting, spirited college football games of the season.

Instead of blaming the officials for how often he gets hit, maybe the Eagles' Michael Vick should point a finger at his offensive line. They're the guys who get paid big bucks to protect him and keep him upright.

The following notes are dedicated to my son, Jim, and his golfing partners Rusty, Greg and Bill, Jr., This foursome recently gave a Canadian course a lesson in how Åmericans play the game.

* Golf balls are like eggs ~ they're white. They're sold by the dozen .... and a week later you have to buy more.

* A pro-shop gets its name from the fact that you have to have the income of a professional golfer to buy anything in there.

* It's amazing how a golfer who never helps out around the house will replace his divots, repair his ball marks, and rake his sand traps.

* When you stop to think about it, did you ever notice that it's a lot easier to get up at 6 a.m. to play golf than at 10 to mow the yard or go to church?

* Golf is by far the ultimate love/hate relationship. Sometimes it seems as though your cup runneth and moveth over.

* It takes longer to learn good golf than it does brain surgery. On the other hand, you seldom get to ride around on a cart, drink beer and eat hot dogs while performing brain surgery.

* A good drive on the 18th hole has stopped many a golfer from giving up the game.

* Water hazards are no walk in the park for fish, turtles, frogs or alligators either.

* Golf is the perfect thing to do on Sunday because you always end up praying a lot.

* A good golf partner is one who's always slightly worse than you.

* That rake by the sand trap is there for golfers who feel guilty about skipping out on lawn work.

* If there's a storm rolling in, you'll be having the game of your life.

* If your opponent has trouble remembering whether he shot a six or a seven, he probably shot an eight.

* You probably wouldn't look good in a Green Jacket anyway! A sweatshirt will do just fine!

* Golf appeals to the child in all of us. This is proven by our frequent inability to count past the number 5.

* It's a simple matter to keep your ball in the fairway if you're not choosy about which fairway.

* If profanity had any influence on the flight of a ball, most everyone would play better.

* The greatest sound in golf is the Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh, of your opponent's club as he hurls it across the fairway.

* A recent survey shows that of all jobs, caddies live the longest. They get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and if there's ever a medical emergency, a doctor is always nearby.

One reason I'm glad I'm a father (and a grandfather). An AP story reports that a recent AARP research project indicates that dads are a little less likely to die of heart-related problems than childless men.

Having a dog can also lower the chance of having heart problems. Remind me to thank my two sons, my grandson, and my Germon Shorthaired Pointer.

Hoping to boost sagging revenue, the U.S. Postal Service has abandoned its longstanding rule that stamps cannot feature people who are still alive, and is asking the public for suggestions.

How about my grandson? Or my dog? I'd be glad to supply them with photos. I have plenty of them.

Former players who I really like as sports analyists - football's Ron Jaworski and baseball's Ken Singleton.

If you're a sports fan, it doesn't get any better than this time of year - Major League baseball playoffs, and football (high school, college and pros) almost every night of the week.

Maybe I was too hasty in my decision to not want to see "Moneyball" the new movie starring Brad Pitt. All the critics seem to be giving it four stars, so it can't be all that bad.

Finally, and sadly, with recent developments in Coaldale involving the mayor, and the firefighters, my old home town doesn't need any more scandals.

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