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We will reap what we sow

Published November 05. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

To try to analyze the reasoning behind these protestors in New York City through watching on location interviews with these activist individuals, I noticed most of them were unemployed, on welfare, homeless, college graduates with no job and big debts, people who just like protesting anything with a party atmosphere, egotistical people who wouldn't lower themselves to take a minimum wage job, and even a previously employed welder who quit his job to come participate.

Am I missing something here? These protestors would rather demonstrate against the establishment, rather than try to self contribute what is necessary to have the present system work for them, by redirecting their efforts to make their life somewhat better, rather than continuing to complain, and fight the system. I will admit our government, and big business owners need to bring back more product manufacturing to America, so it can provide more opportunities for people who are unemployed in order for them to be able to earn a substantial income. If people are only willing to work hard, like most of us now entering the older generation, who had to do all we could to succeed during our working careers in supporting our families.

I also believe most of the financial institutions in our country which ended up collapsing, were banks who lent out too much money to people who couldn't afford to pay them back. "Greed" has become the number one epidemic in America today, infecting our country with the sluggish economy we are presently experiencing. This present day poor economic situation in America was originally influenced by both of the social classes in our country. It started with the rich upper class wanting to become even richer, by relocating their businesses into the outer world for cheaper labor in order to escape from paying higher union wages. While the middle class wanted to live more like the rich when they really couldn't afford to, so they just kept borrowing more and more on their credit, leading up to them losing their jobs, because of their employer downsizing, and streamline consolidating their business.

Unfortunately for America, it is now all coming to a head, and our economic system desperately needs to be restructured, before it can be rebuilt again in a more practical and more sufficient manner, so everyone can once again begin to prosper in order to someday claim their American dream. This is what our president has been hoping to achieve through his bail-outs, stimulus packages, tax rebates, and by extending the unemployment benefits.

However, it will accomplish nothing for anyone to be running around in the streets of big cities, yelling and hollering, while blaming "Wall Street" for causing all of their financial problems. Everyone must take a step back, and begin to figure out for themselves how they can survive this, and find ways to improve their livelihood, until this recession begins to turn around. I never got anymore handed to me from my parents, when I was a young adolescent, by kicking and screaming for them to give me more. My Mom and Dad would look me straight in the eyes and say; "you will only make your life better; when you alone put forth the effort needed to make your life better." Truly, these were words of wisdom.

Apparently, most of these protestors were never taught this growing up. This is a very important lesson to be learned early in anyone's life, because; "Life is always going to hand you lemons; and you must learn how to make lemonade." I am sure there are plenty of menial jobs out there to at least get people started with something, and like I told my children when they were old enough to begin working for themselves." You have to seek a better job, before you will find one; because they won't come knocking on your door."

I do sympathize to a point, with the people who are losing their hope in the American economy, but let's all try to remember, and take into account what president John F. Kennedy once said a long time ago when our country was in a similar crisis; "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

John M. "Jack" Selby


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