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Wanted: Carbon County backbone

Published May 28. 2011 09:05AM

Dear Editor,

Hey! There is an elephant in our living room and gee, he just pooped. Oh my, now what are we gonna do?

This seems to be the typical protocol of this state, county, the whole area.

Come on Carbon County Comprehensive Planning Committee. Whose hat did they pull this group out of and just who does it consist of?

Oh! We have consultant firm from "Philadelphia" to tell this wonderful mysterious commission that the McCall bridge needs to be upgraded and to do so and leave it the way it is "lane wise" it would only cost $23 million but if you want a six lane bridge it would only cost a mere $60 million.

Why I ask you doesn't this fantastic commission just go into Weissport and ask the people that live under this structure and ask them how they feel about all of these studies and such. Oh, and if you want, ask PennDOT how they did their "temporary" repair work.

There is one other project that I personally think is laughable. The wonderful PennDOT and all their wonderful powers, that are or not to be decided they needed to replace the bridge at Harrity Road right off the turnpike.

Gee, isn't it great! I must say PennDOT does take care of the tourist part of our area. The raceway, Pocono ski resorts ... they have to make sure that the roads are safe for our visitors. Isn't this just being a very responsible organization.

What has to happen around here for someone to stand up and say, "We have to do something about THIS bridge." Gee, will it be the commissioners or the newly elected State Representative Mr. Doyle Heffley?

All I know is somebody better grow a backbone and get something moving on this project besides studies and inspections. Come on someone has to get off their butt and take charge!

Hey, think about the people living under this disaster! Would you sleep there tonight?!

Thank you,

Joe McGinley (not the doctor)


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