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While they talk budget

Published March 04. 2011 05:01PM

Dear Editor:

While busy in another room of my house, I overheard a reference on television about former President Eisenhower's famous statement concerning the Military Industrial complex. I heard references to that famous comment many times in the past; however this time, in light of a growing distrust of government leaders of both parties and an administration which patronizingly states of our growing national debt.; "everything is on the table!" That is of course, everything except the defense budget! And for that reason I decided to research his entire farewell address.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower following a distinguished military career as a five star general was elected to the office of President of the United States in 1953. He was the tactical hero of European Theater of operations during the Second World War. In his 1961 farewell comments as President, speaking with great credibility concerning the growing military industrial complex, in which he cautioned could be influenced by council of governments. His military experience and coupled with his civilian political leadership experience were to be highly regarded then and perhaps more so today. This is a significant quote from the fifth sentence in the fourth paragraph of that press conference address: "In the council of governments we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex. The potential for disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

Along with his admonishment of abusive power, also in his comments he explained the values of military preparedness and technology growth, but essentially cautioned for a balance with our national defense needs and our civil liberty.

In the 50 years since his prophetic statements there's little doubt that his hope for a fair balance of military and the civil needs of our nation have morphed into that disastrous misplaced power he warned about. His speech also echoed some of Thomas Jefferson's' and Mason's concerns about consuming all of the fruit of the future and mortgaging our grandchildren's future. He warned of becoming a community of fear and hate instead of a proud people with mutual respect and decency. He encouraged our leadership to settle differences with intellect and intentional decency rather than arms.

Today, 50 years later, if you go to the internet and read his farewell statements you can judge for yourself about the angry, unfriendly, and hateful discourse witnessed in both houses of Congress today. And ask yourself if our political and media leadership aren't selfishly steering our precious nation on a path of destruction? Is it a wise path for the United States to maintain a military presence in so many foreign lands without conspicuous justification; is it wise to have our presidents controlling actions of war without the constitutional requirement for declarations of war by Congress; is the Patriot Act just another phony tactic to create fear and justify the perpetual growth of the Military Industrial Complex? Ask yourself, If it's not already too late to save our once great nation? If you think we still have a chance for sanity, dignity, and save traditional moral value, then perhaps it's time for all American people Republican, Democrat and Independents alike to join together in a chorus of chants for accountability.

If you are a decent hard working American citizen who pays taxes , votes loyally as a Republican or a Democrat, and feeling betrayed by the deaf ears of our political leadership; if you see the vanishing middle class and all who love our civil liberty being compromised for the soulless large world corporations; and understand the obvious common water trough the administration, Congress , and corporate CEO's are drinking from as they exchange the will of the people for the financial power of the super wealthy. Voters today, unable to compete with the financial power of mega corporations and the routine purchase of Congressmen and Presidents are left with the dilemma of choosing to change party registration and gain nothing, or not vote and totally surrendering a precious constitutional right. I think; we the people must stop being blind loyalists to party demagogues and begin the challenge of once again becoming a united people, a government governed by the consent of its people.

Carl Fazio

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