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Two Chestnuthill Township residents voice readdressing and personal issues

Published June 22. 2011 05:01PM

Resident Elizabeth Fisher addressed the Chestnuthill Township supervisors to express her dismay about some of the things that have been going on in the township over the last few years. The first was when there was talk of having the small towns in Chestnuthill Township be combined into just one name. She stated that she was born 82 years ago in Effort and has lived here her whole life and did not want to see it lose its town's distinction.

"Now you're talking about renaming the streets," she said in reference to the readdressing of Monroe County. She learned that the road into her property was going to receive the name Sugar Hollow Lane.

She said since she maintains the road, she should have the right to name it and wanted it Fisher Lane. She made her appeal known and said, "I'm happy to say I still live in Effort and on Fisher Lane."

Dave Albright, township manager, said that the township consultants suggested the names.

Supervisor Dave Fleetwood said, "Now is the time to bring your concerns about the readdressing to our attention."

Albright said the projected date for letters of readdressing to go out to the residents of Chestnuthill Township is Jan. 20, 2012.

Supervisor Chris Eckert addressed Mrs. Fisher's remarks about the names of the towns.

"In our township, we have eight different zip codes. We thought we could build a stronger community if it was under just one, with one name. It wasn't a slight against anyone. We just tried to make things easier for most of the people. It didn't happen."

"I'm glad it didn't," responded Mrs. Fisher.

Resident Eric Kerschner asked, "What is the tripod doing here and who does it belong to?"

Resident Leon Clark said it was his and it was an audio/video camera and he was recording the meeting.

A resident asked if that was legal and township solicitor Joesph McDonald said he wasn't sure. Another resident asked if it was considered to be a wire-tapping violation and Supervisor Fleetwood asked Atty. McDonald if he would please look into it. Mr. Clark said that the press and a resident has the right to record the meeting.

Mr. Clark asked what were the legal consequences of not having a monthly meeting and an improper meeting.

Supervisor Fleetwood said that if only one supervisor attended, there would be no meeting.

Mr. Clark said that at a previous meeting, Supervisor Chairman Chuck Gould called him a bald-faced liar and he asked the board for an apology. Supervisor Fleetwood told Mr. Clark that he could not speak on behalf of Mr. Gould and Mr. Clark would have to address that request to Supervisor Gould.

Later during the meeting when Supervisor Fleetwood asked if there was any public comment, Mr. Clark again asked for an apology from the board and again Supervisor Fleetwood responded that he would have to address that to Supervisor Gould. When Mr. Clark again asked for an apology, Supervisor Fleetwood told Mr. Clark he was out of order. Mr. Clark said if he did not get an apology, action would be taken.

Chris Kinsley, vice president and manager of Kinsley's ShopRite and his attorney, representing the Kinsley Group Family Limited Partnership, presented a check in the amount of $27,973.75, as the last requirement for final approval of the plan for the building of a new 95,000 sq. foot store to be located on Weir Lake Road and Altemose Dr.

Supervisor Fleetwood thanked the Kinsley family for all the positive impact they bring to the community.

Resident Roger Kutzler asked if speed bumps could be installed in the Chestnuthill Township Park parking lot and the board said they would look into the merit of that.

Supervisor Fleetwood reported that the Chestnuthill Twp. Historical Society had a cleanup day last month and it went well. Resident Stuart Thody asked that the minutes show a "Thank you of appreciation for the small group that did the clean up/cleanup and for what they got accomplished, and for one of our supervisors being there."

Don Zipp reported the West End Ambulance responded to 119 calls in the month of May and the West End Fire Co. responded to 98 calls.

Christopher McDermott, the township's engineer, gave a power point presentation on the research that has been done concerning the flooding issue of Bonser Dr. and which listed possible resolutions. One resident of Bonser Dr., Mr. Murphy, said he was very impressed with the presentation and is hopeful a solution can be found.

The board, with Supervisor Chairman Chuck Gould absent, approved the following, 2-0:

*Resolution 2011-05-Lake Mineola road realignment. The road will be realigned behind the residences located along the shore of Lake Mineola instead of in front of them, as it is now. The road will create a greenway to the Nature Conservancy and it will connect Rt. 209 to Rt. 715.

*Resolution 2011-06-the township sale of the former Anewalt property to Pohoqualine Fish Association for $110,000

*the Bush Lane realignment grant agreement. Chestnuthill Township office manager Dave Albright applied for a grant in 2009 to request for funds from the Department of Community and Economic Development to realign Bush Lane (the road off Rt. 209 to Rita's) to tie Bush Lane into the new intersection by the office of Merwine, Hanyon and Kaspszyk and the new Tractor Supply at a cost of $117,700. The grant was awarded in 2010 and the land developer, Joseph Hanyon will match the grant funding. The township will use its portion for engineering and blacktopping costs.

In other business, the board approved 2-0:

*authorization to have the twp. attorney review proposed Fire Insurance Escrow Ordinance. Supervisor Chris Eckert explained that the township had at least one uninhabited property that had caught on fire and said that sometimes an owner does not do anything with the structure afterward which could become a safety hazard.

"This would authorize the insurance company to hold funds in escrow so the township would be able to do what it needed to do for safety and also is the property was listed as a tax delinquent."

*authorization to advertise bid for road paving in places of various roads in the township.

*authorization to advertise bid for Merwinsburg Hotel roof replacement and heating system. Supervisor Eckert stated that the township received a $70,000 grant to make those repairs to the building. With the grants that we receive, the credit goes to Dave (Albright) and Cathy (Martinelli) and we thank you."

Resident Thody said he doesn't want to see the Hotel become a costly project.

*a memorandum of Understanding with the Nature Conservancy and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The board voted to award FOB material to the following:

*Hanson Aggregates (seven miles to the quarry), #8 stone w/1 percent loss by wash at $11.50; #8 stone w/2percent loss by wash $11; #67 stone w/2percent loss by wash $10; #3 stone $9.25; 9.5 mm, PG 64-22, wearing $63.15; #2RC material $5.75

Gabion stone $13.50; Cold patch $85

*Eureka Stone Quarry (seven miles to quarry) #57 stone w/2 percent loss by wash $8.80; Binder, 19.0 mm, PG 64-22 $54.96; #2A stone $5.40

*Asphalt Maintenance-CRS-2 (E-3) Emulsion Oil delivered $2.64

The next scheduled supervisors' meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 5 at 7 p.m.

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