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Don't change our nation's principles

Published July 16. 2011 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

As July 4, 2011 passes, yet another anniversary of our country's independence passes too. We know how our country was born; it was on survivorship, integrity and honor. Times have passed, wars have passed and life is still going on but as true Americans let's think hard. Is this great country still growing on the same principals? Yes, times change and yes, we must change with them. We still do not have to change our principles.

Let's take a look at survivorship. We all need to survive for our family and friends. How we do this is up to the people themselves. Let's take a look at two things with state government in Harrisburg, the pay raise and Bonusgate, two things that were miles away from integrity and honor especially the way they were done.

Let's take a look at our new state budget. There are many things that the American working family disagree with especially when our children have to pay for it! Education, the tuitions are going up in a lot of our higher educational facilities. Can common ordinary families afford it?

Let's think seriously about our local politicians who represent us. Oh yes, they say they kept our taxes down by cutting services. Yes, in things that affect our ordinary every day life for the young people, middle age people, and seniors. They say this is good. They say they are concerned about you and your family. Things are going to get better. Year after year goes on and the same hogwash is told to us. Why, because of survivorship, for who, them?

The things that are done in our local communities are great. Really does it help improve your cost of living and way of life? Yes, to a certain few.

I see and talk to a lot of people on the streets in our area. I talk to people who have businesses and moms and pops that work one, two, or even three jobs say its tough. That is integrity and honor. Let's see now, we really do still have survivorship, integrity and honor. It's sad to know that survivorship is running our state, but the people with integrity and honor are carrying these people.

Study all the cuts in this budget and compare it with the cuts in our local state politicians' salaries and benefits. What category would you put them in? Survivorship? Integrity? Honor? Just remember you always have a chance to voice your opinion on Election Day. I hope we can get back in Harrisburg what our country was born on.

John H. Schickram


Resident of the 124th Legislative District

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