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You decide

Published January 29. 2011 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

After his election the American people have spoken as to how the congress should direct their efforts. A majority has spoken but did the Obummer lawmakers listen?

* Our Secretary of Treasury warned congress that NOT raising the nation debt could have catastrophic consequences. When our voice was heard 92.9 percent said we should reduce spending before putting every American taxpayer further in the hold.

* President Obummer has used his power to make recess appointment to fill six vacant positions. Thereby passing congressional approval. Among those selected appointments was the appointment of James Cole, a friend of Attorney General Eric Holder. Once again the American public spoke - 83 percent of us voters said yes that the president clearly abuses this power. Should we remove that power?

* There was another question asked. How would you rate the lame duck congress - 86 percent said there are Turkeys and Losers. They proved why voters wanted change in November.

* Here's another kick in the pants for you. The principal in a Brookline, Mass. school asked parents to fill out permission slips before their children could participate in a weekly pledge of America. What did our fighting men and women in the military loose their lives for if we cannot or need permission to pledge allegiance to our country? Why should a principal have that power to invoke this policy on our children?

* Did you know that the 111th Congress added more debt to our nation that the first 100 Congresses combined? WOW.

* What ever happened to the image of the president as a Chia Pet that was on the on store shelves of our community? Perhaps it was used to grow seeds in the White House garden?

* WIKILEAKS - If our government wants to keep classified documents, perhaps they should be kept in the same place as Obummers college transcripts and his birth certificate.

* Lastly, this year both Groundhog Day and The President's State of the Union Address come out on the same day. As Air Radio pointed out one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication while the other is a groundhog.

You decide.

From the pen

of K Treger


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