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Not practicing what they preach

Published January 29. 2011 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

This letter addresses Governor Corbett's recent petition to the Federal Government to assist the State of Pennsylvania in addressing the shortage of funds to continue the Adult Basic Health Care program.

I thought the Governor ran on the principle of smaller government, states rights and making the tough choices of controlling the state and federal deficit. Why is he asking the current administration to intercede on behalf of this now financially exhausted program?

Isn't this one of the "tough" choices he campaigned on? He and the constituents that voted for him want "smaller" government so why is he asking for money from the government he wants to be smaller? This is exactly what the Republicans did that voted against the stimulus package, yet held out their hands, palms up, looking for the money that was allocated for Pa.

This HYPOCRISY is all too familiar. It seems to be the party of no's strategy for telling taxpayers one thing and then doing something else, not practicing what they preach.

The people of Pa. overwhelmingly voted in Republicans that stood on the pretense of smaller government. Didn't they, the people, realize that the programs that are directed at low income working people would be the first to be cut?

Well, now it's time to pay the consequences of their choice.


Janet Anderson

New Ringgold

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