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Published January 04. 2011 05:00PM

(through Jan. 3)

103 - 1. Jacob Hoats, Lehighton, So. (9-3); 2. Colin Mashack, Tamaqua, Fr. (10-2); 3. Kenny Yanovich, Pleasant Valley, Fr. (9-2).

Honorable Mention - Len Ogozalek, Panther Valley, Fr. (9-6); Beniamino Mazzella, Jim Thorpe, So. (4-2).

Notes - Hoats placed second at the Brandywine Heights tournament; Mashack was runner-up at tournaments in Bloomsburg and Mt. Carmel. Yanovich placed second at Pleasant Valley's tournament and third at the Battle at the Beach at Indian River, Delaware.

112 - 1. Nick O'Donnell, Panther Valley, Sr. (13-4); 2. Sean Bianco, Pleasant Valley, So. (5-0); 3. Josh Evans, Palmerton , Fr. (7-2).

Honorable Mention - Nick Schaeffer, Lehighton, Fr. (4-2).

Notes - O'Donnell was fourth at Penn Manor Tournament. Bianco was first at the Battle at the Beach. Evans won title at New Hope tournament and was runner-up at Bethlehem Catholic's Christmas City Tournament.

119 - 1. Lucas Dise, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (6-3); 2. Derek Drum, Tamaqua, Jr. (6-2); 3. Brian Ohl, Jim Thorpe, So. (11-5);

Honorable Mention - Kurtis Brownmiller, Lehighton, Fr. (7-3).

Notes - Dise won Brandywine Heights title and placed sixth at Bethlehem Holiday tournament. Drum placed first at Mt. Carmel and won the pinner award.

125 - 1. Ernest Klingel, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (9-1); 2. Zane Heller, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (6-3); 3. Dillon Masington, Palmerton, So. (9-3).

Honorable Mention - Kory Lopata, Panther Valley, Sr. (10-4); Ethan Keichel, Northwestern, Jr. (8-4); Jason McEvoy, Lehighton, Jr. (6-6).

Notes - Klingel placed first at Battle at the Beach and was runner-up at Pleasant Valley tourney. Heller placed second at Brandywine Heights and fourth at Bethlehem Holiday Classic. Masington placed third at Christmas City and fourth at New Hope.

130 - 1. Michael Dahlstrom, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (10-0); 2. Michael Ortiz, Northwestern, So. (9-3); 3. Sam Oberlander, Palmerton, Jr. (7-4).

Honorable Mention - Brandon Gurka, Panther Valley, Sr. (8-6).

Notes - Dahlstrom placed first at Pleasant Valley and Battle at the Beach tourneys. Ortiz was runner-up at Nazareth tournament and fourth at Bethlehem Holiday tournament. Oberlander was third at New Hope and sixth at Christmas City.

135 - 1. Alex Yanovich, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (10-0); 2. Dustin Badesso, Northwestern, Sr. (9-4); 3. Brandan Silkowski, Tamaqua, Jr. (8-2).

Honorable Mention - James Denny, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (5-5); Joseph Bubble, Palmerton, So. (4-4).

Notes - Yanovich was champ at Pleasant Valley and Battle at the Beach tournaments. Badesso placed third at Nazareth. Silkowski was Mt. Carmel champ and placed fourth at Bloomsburg.

140 - 1. Kolby Mashack, Tamaqua, Sr. (14-0); 2. Nikko Stevens, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (7-3); 3. David Gehr, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (4-3).

Honorable Mention - Michael Hontz, Northwestern, Sr. (4-4); Cody Grohotoloski, Palmerton, Jr. (4-4); Adam Rex, Jim Thorpe, So. (9-8).

Notes - Mashack was champ at Bloomsburg and Mt. Carmel. Stevens was second at Brandywine Heights and fourth at Bethlehem Holiday tourney. Gehr was third at Pleasant Valley and seventh at Battle at the Beach. Hontz placed third at Nazareth. Grohotolski was New Hope runner-up.

145 - 1. Justin Mazzella, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (11-1); 2. Ty Herzog, Northern Lehigh, So. (6-3); 3. Mitch Moyer, Lehighton, Jr. (8-5).

Honorable Mention - Nick Martucci, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (5-1); Philip Christman, Tamaqua, Sr. (8-6).

Notes - Herzog was runner-up at Brandywine Heights and seventh at Bethlehem Holiday tourney. Martucci placed third at Pleasant Valley tourney.

152 - 1. Anthony Farole, Lehighton, Jr. (11-2); 2. Bobby Clymer, Northwestern, Sr. (10-3); 3. Connor Hedash, Northern Lehigh, So. (5-1).

Honorable Mention - Evan Mashack, Tamaqua, Jr. (11-7); Josh Dean, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (5-3).

Notes - Farole was Brandywine Heights champ and Bethlehem Holiday tourney runner-up. Clymer was Nazareth champ and placed fifth at Bethlehem. Hedash placed third at Brandywine Heights. Mashack placed fifth at Bloomsburg.

160 - 1. Jon Fritz, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (16-1); 2. Kyle Sorensen, Northwestern, Sr. (9-4); 3. Travis Veronsky, Tamaqua, Sr. (13-5).

Honorable Mention: Mike Weaver, Panther Valley, Jr. (6-4); Zach Coleman, Lehighton, Jr. (8-6); Daquise Harper, Pleasant Valley, So. (3-3); Jake Christman, Palmerton, So. (3-3).

Notes - Fritz was runner-up at Jim Thorpe Christmas tourney. Sorensen was Nazareth champ and placed fourth at Bethehem. Veronsky placed fifth at Bloomsburg. Harper placed fourth at Pleasant Valley.

171 - 1. Matt Edmonds, Tamaqua, Sr. (11-4); 2. Levi Veppert, Northwestern, Jr. (8-4); 3. Christian Gavornik, Jim Thorpe, So. (10-5).

Honorable Mention - Aaron Brewer, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (3-3).

Notes - Edmonds was Bloomsburg runner-up. Veppert was Nazareth runner-up and placed fifth at Bethlehem. Gavornik was Jim Thorpe runner-up.

189 - 1. Colin Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (6-2); 2. Mike Balliet, Lehighton, Jr. (8-5); 3. Jarrett Kleintop, Palmerton, Sr. (6-4).

Notes - Hedash was Brandywine Heights and Bethlehem runner-up. Balliet placed third at Brandywine Heights. Kleintop placed third at New Hope.

215 - 1. Garth Lakitsky, Tamaqua, Sr. (14-0); 2. Kane Kralik, Palmerton, Jr. (6-3); 3. Tyler Mangold, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (8-3);

Honorable Mention - Hunter Deihl, Pleasant Valley, So. (4-2); Keith Cheadle, Lehighton, Jr. (3-2).

Notes - Lakitsky was Bloomsburg and Mt. Carmel champ. Kralik was Christmas City runner-up. Mangold was Jim Thorpe runner-up. Deihl was second at Pleasant Valley and fifth at Battle at the Beach.

285 - 1. Brandon Loch, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (7-3); 2. Alec Eidelman, Northwestern, Sr. (6-3); 3. Ryan Ruberto, Jim Thorpe, So. (6-9).

Notes - Loch was Brandywine Heights champion and placed sixth at Bethlehem.

(Compiled by Joe Plasko)

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