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Published February 14. 2011 05:00PM

The aisle in the drug store was all decked out in red on a Sunday morning.

Grown men and women, some accompanied by their young sons and daughters, stood nervously in the aisle, somewhat overwhelmed by all the selections available.

They were taking the decision they were about to make very seriously.

Some joked - "We better not forget this stop or we're all going to be in trouble tomorrow."

What they were doing was picking out a Valentine - the perfect Valentine. It wasn't easy.

So much to pick from - from the tiniest packages to the biggest heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that money could buy.

There were silk flowers, and perfumes galore, not an easy decision for any guy.

And there were cards - scores of them, from humorous to the sentimental.

But despite the vast selection, the messages they sent were all the same. They spelled love.

We live in an era when permanent commitments don't mean as much today as they once did. Half of today's marriages end in divorce, a much higher percentage than years ago.

Some will complain that Valentine's Day is too commercialized, a day designed just to enhance the coffers of candy makers, card companies, restaurants, jewelers and florists.

But that's not the case.

Valentine's Day falls at a perfect time of the year - right in the throes of winter, when ice and snow and frigid temperatures have us thinking of better days.

If you are fortunate enough to have a person, or persons, in your life that you feel special about, don't forget to tell them today. In fact, don't forget to tell them you care for them every day.

If they're special, make them feel special. That's the message that Valentine's Day conveys.

Bob Urban

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