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Property taxes be gone

Published December 12. 2011 11:25AM

Dear Editor:

The time is now to reassert one of the natural rights of humankind, the right to own property/ land. Property rights along with the rights to our life and freedom must always be protected by a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If the "of people" (the people we elect to lead our towns/cities, counties, states, and nations) part of our government do not believe in and adhere to these natural rights, it is long overdue to replace them as our leaders.

The European people who sailed up to the shores of North, Central, and South America in the late 15th and early 16th centuries certainly did not believe that the inhabitants they encountered were entitled to the rights of their life, freedom and property. They immediately set on a course to drive them from their homes, steal their property and also kill them if they resisted.

This scenario is happening again in present day America. It raises its ugly head in the form of property taxes. If property taxes are not paid, one can be driven from their home, their property confiscated, and the property owners made homeless. This entire stressful process can certainly put people in danger of loosing their lives.

We can easily correct this destruction of our property rights by totally eliminating property taxes in Pennsylvania. The 14 billion dollars revenue needed to replace property taxes is raised by additional sales taxes collected. The 6 percent tax on sales would be levied on all sales, thus raising the additional replacement revenue needed to eliminate all property taxes.

If you agree with eliminating all property taxes write, or call our PA state representative and our PA state senator and ask them to introduce legislation to eliminate property taxes. A site on the internet with a lot of information is the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, their site is

Yours for the


of property taxes,

Gerald "Jerry" Strubinger

555 West 10th Street

Jim Thorpe

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