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No legacy, only shame

Published December 03. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

Today on the news a woman went outside hearing her dog barking to find a mother bear along with its baby fussing with her dog. She immediately went after the bear - the bear! She ended up with stitches in her head and numerous scratches. She was only lucky she was not killed. The woman commented, "I know it could have been much worse but when I think about it I would have done the same thing again." She would have done the same thing again. She would have fought the bear to save her dog!

Just about every day there are animal rescues on the news. Some of the stories go on for days seeing the same pictures of these animals who have suffered great trauma. And it is a travesty.

Now the lady with the bear incident, she was fighting a bear that was only being a bear. The people who abuse their pets are suppose to be the ones with the brains to know better. They too will get their day in court and suffer consequences. The courts must be filled with "animal rights" situations. With all this time, money and law protecting animals, I see a huge deficit in protecting the children.

A woman fights a bear to protect her dog. A man sees a child being sodomized and does nothing. A woman fights a bear to protect her dog. A young boy being sodomized, a man see it and does nothing.

Now that dog will probably get over its trauma of a bear because he is an animal and he knows his "ma ma" will take care of him. The young boy has what is called a human brain that will relive this trauma over and over. Trust? Who could he trust when the trusted one hurt him. He was scarred for life. And while one man was hurting him, another man did nothing, neither did another man when he was told, nor another man. I am sorry to reference any of these men as men. Is there any name low enough?

Meanwhile they were all living the high life being looked up to as leaders, people who taught lessons to live by, coaching one of the most manly sports we have in our culture. Team work? Team work? The team work was among themselves to keep their dirty little secret. All the while putting on their good face, there were young men hurting for years. Right now they don't even know how many but even if it was just one, that was one too many.

Legacy they say? I see no legacy, only shame. Not one should be treated with respect. Smiling and laughing, thanking people for their support. Support that only makes you also at fault because you are lifting the same ones that committed such a heinous crime.

This scenario can be seen not only within our sports today but also in our churches, schools etc. Even the young ones which are homeless, selling themselves to survive are treated as they have no soul and do not matter. They are children. Children are to be loved from the heart, nurtured not tortured in the soul and taught their importance of being someone. So for the woman who fought off the bear to save her dog, I say thank you for teaching us that there are reasons to protect the ones you love. And to all who do not protect the children, if not in this court, you will get your punishment, in a much higher court in the end.

Susan Jane Coxe Lewert

235 Chapel Drive,

Pine Grove, Pa.

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