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Lies my president told me

Published April 30. 2011 09:00AM

This week, the administration revealed that the President couldn't be trusted. Using "Chicago Style Politics" to ram healthcare down the throats of Americans wasn't enough. Now the administration must vilify major corporations as Obama launches his 2012 reelection campaign. A good example is the administration's actions against the oil industry. In a speech last week the President claimed that high oil prices are the result of oil companies gouging the public and speculators manipulating the price of oil for their own profit. The Obamaphites lapped it up and applauded his condemnation of capitalism. The real truth, which the President omitted, is that the administration's policy is to discourage drilling here in the United States while devaluating the dollar.

The President believes that by increasing the cost of oil and gasoline, he will encourage the growth of green industries. He must live on Fantasy Island! It will take another 10 to 20 years for green energy to become cost-effective for most Americans. Meanwhile, his administration's actions this week against Shell Oil will surely drive the price of gasoline higher, bringing further hardship to the American people. Shell Oil paid the government $2.2 billion to lease oil fields in the Beaufort Sea. Since then, they have invested another $1.8 billion preparing the site for drilling. This oilfield contains at least 16 billion barrels of high quality oil that can fuel our country for decades. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refused to grant the permits necessary for Shell to commence drilling. They claim that the drilling will have a negative impact on the human inhabitants and that Shell forgot to include the environmental impact of an icebreaker in the environmental impact studies that Shell submitted. Let's be frank. The nearest village has 245 people and is 70 miles away from the proposed drilling site! The President continues to speak from both sides of his mouth as he states he wants more US-based energy and then his flunkies take action to prevent extraction of our petroleum resources.

If I were the CEO of Shell Oil, I would move my equipment a few miles east and start drilling in the Canadian portion of the Beaufort Sea. Canada is much more friendly to oil companies. The Mackenzie Delta offers exceptional drilling opportunities in the Beaufort Sea and also has the potential for a future oil pipeline to the major markets in the continental United States. It is time for corporations to vote with their feet when the Obama administration lies or uses deceptive practices to prevent them from bringing valuable and necessary products to the market and to the American consumer.

My next example is Boeing Aircraft Corporation. This company is the largest single exporter of American-made goods. Several years ago they made a decision to construct a second assembly line in South Carolina for the new 787 Dreamliner. They selected South Carolina because of the incentives offered by the state and the fact that South Carolina is a right-to-work state. This means that even if there is a union at the plant, employees need not join the union to work there. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union complained to the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB has launched a civil suit against Boeing to prevent the company from starting production at this new facility. Since Boeing began constructing the South Carolina plant, they have added over 2,000 unionized jobs in their old factories in Everett, Washington. After a significant investment, Boeing is being held hostage by a government agency.

The administration's efforts against Boeing would likely not succeed if heard before a panel composed of impartial members. Unfortunately for Boeing, the NLRB is packed with left wing union representatives. If I were the CEO of Boeing, I would continue the efforts to open the South Carolina plant however I would look elsewhere for a more friendly business environment. Airbus, the only real Boeing competitor, builds its planes in Europe. A century ago, new automobile factories sprung up in the Detroit area. I suggest that Boeing could build new plants in Europe near existing aircraft manufacturing facilities. Boeing could also work with the Chinese aircraft industry to move production to China. If you have read my past articles, you know that I deplore the off shoring of US jobs. However I also cannot tolerate a government that intrudes on free enterprise to the point where corporations can no longer run their own businesses, open new factories and hire new workers.

President Obama twisted the arms of the pharmaceutical industry when seeking support for the health care legislation. ( He worked out a deal with them to save Medicare approximately $80 billion through price reductions from the pharmaceutical firms. These companies were given a guarantee that they would not have to rebate any of their revenue back to the government. Now the Dictator in the White House has decided he wants rebates as well. In the style of a Chicago politician, he has repudiated the part of the deal concerning rebates. The drug companies must now give a discount up front and billions more in rebates. The FDA already penalizes pharmaceutical companies by needlessly delaying new products for many years. If I were the CEO of one of these organizations I would move my research facilities, my factories, and my certification processes to other countries. One cannot do business in a Third World type environment where a few petty bureaucrats determine the fate of Corporate America.

The Obama administration also lied to Congress when negotiating the new budget. As part of the budget deal, the President was required to eliminate four Czar positions. After signing the bill into law last week he decided to keep the czars. If Congress cannot trust the President to keep his word on the budget, how can they work with him on the extension of the debt ceiling?

I believe this administration has overstepped its authority and is on the path to destroying capitalism in America. Without strong viable corporations, there can be no real job growth. President Obama has his own private Gestapo consisting of the EPA, the FDA, and the NLRB to terrorize corporations. The President's harassment of corporate executives will cause them to look overseas for new plants and new employees.

In many ways, the President is a marionette whose strings are pulled by the unions. I understand the need for unions. I also understand the need for a strong business environment. A balance between unions and corporations must be achieved if our nation is to prosper. It is time for the President to break free of his union bosses and do what is right for the American people.

Many of us saw this coming. Last year we went to Washington to let our representatives know how we felt. We shouted "Do you hear us now"? Obviously, they did not hear us then. In last November's elections we sent another message. We gave the Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives. This majority caved-in on the budget and will likely cave-in on the debt limit. Again, they did not hear us! Now our efforts are focused on the 2012 elections. My concern is that despite all of our hard work, the President will be reelected. The new Congress could again capitulate to the President and his union bosses. Will they hear us in 2012? They better! We the People are becoming very impatient with government interference in our lives, our workplace, and our businesses. We are not giving up until the government stays within the confines of the Constitution!

In closing I would like to thank President Obama for waiting over two years to release his birth certificate. He has finally ended the foolishness concerning his eligibility for the Presidency. The Birthers can now rest easy. Our President is an American by birth and a socialist by his actions.

© 2010 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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