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Trick, treat and election day

Published October 30. 2010 09:00AM

The way the calendar falls this year is somewhat fitting. Tomorrow is Halloween or All Hallows' Eve which is traditionally the time when the veil between our world and spirit world grows thin and allows communication with the dead or so it is popularly believed.

Those towns which don't view it as a disposable holiday will celebrate trick or treat tomorrow night and everyone will have a good time dressing up in costumes and scaring each other.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays simply because for one day one can pretend to be someone or something else. The association with the dead goes back to at least the fifth century BC Celts and Druid priests, a society based on agriculture that viewed Halloween or Samhain as the end of the growing season and the start of winter. In a sense it was their end of year as it was felt the dead from the previous year had Halloween night to hunt for a new body to possess so the costumes people wore during Samhain were to protect themselves from possession.

Of course after Halloween comes All Saints' Day, a holy day in the Christian calendar and especially observed by the Catholic Church. This is the day it is believed the saints have been resurrected and ascended to heaven to be with God. Following All Saints' Day is All Souls' Day on Tuesday which is when the Catholic Church remembers the rest of the faithful followers who have died but are waiting to reach heaven. In other faiths, the saints are remembered on the former day while the rest of our departed loved ones are remembered on the latter day.

This year All Souls' Day falls on Tuesday which also happens to be Election Day and this mid-term election is an important one for all of our "souls." Tuesday may be confirmation those in power are doing the right thing, or it could be a referendum on those in power to let them know the souls of this country are angry, betrayed and disheartened and are looking for a different change from what they were led to believe the current body politic was going to provide us.

Now is not the time to stand on the sidelines and say, "I don't care" or "I don't follow politics" or "Nothing ever changes no matter who is elected." If you want something to change you need to participate In the process. You can't have lemonade without squeezing a few lemons, and you can't make life better without voting and speaking out against things with which you are in disagreement.

I wonder how many of you would still be on the sidelines if you felt personally at risk for loss in the election process. Many don't feel invested in our candidates, Democrat or Republican, and as such they have little feeling for the results of their vote.

It's not enough to really make some people care. Candidates who can master this apathetic group could have the secret to winning an election in their pocket. Unfortunately, this is extremely difficult to do in the real world.

Another part of Election Day I find annoying also is when you walk up the polling place to have a half dozen people shoving papers under your nose. My feeling is that unless you are living under a rock for the better half of a year, you probably have your mind made up before you reach the polling place so all of the bumper stickers, pencils, signs, cards and whatever other junk shoved into your hand is most likely irrelevant.

I guess it makes candidates feel good about their campaign to have these things handed out on Election Day, but my belief is it is just annoying and makes me less likely to want to support someone who acts like my closest friend one day every two years and then has no idea I exist the rest of the time. If you are a candidate and are that worried about your chances, then perhaps you should have talked with people more often during the race.

Everyone has their own opinion about what will happen Tuesday. My ultimate vision of victory would be to have every incumbent in Washington say good-bye to their overpaid, overpriced careers and leave their pensions behind.

All 538 of them are a disappointment and it would only be best if we could replace as many of them as possible and keep replacing them until the existing power structure is no more. Even better would be to remove all of the judges who overreach and make law from the bench (not their job).

As in every election, this one is important to the course our county takes. Will it continue to be one buried under the worst debt in history and filled with excuses and blame on an administration that has been gone for two years? Will it continue to be a legislature who ramrods legislation down our throats that the people do not want and are simply told by these ignorant people to live with it? How much more of this direction can our country take?

I'm hoping the people who care about this country come through and put the best people into office and not the ones who will trade their morals at the door.

We shall see soon.

Til next time …

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