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Come out and honor those who serve

Published October 09. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

I read somewhere that a veteran is someone who signed a blank check to his government. The amount payable could be an arm, a leg or a life. The man upstairs determines that.

I wore my country's uniform with pride as many others did and still do.

There is a Veterans Day Parade coming up the beginning of November.

I wonder how many Americans will go out and watch it.

How many fly flags, have stickers, ribbons or decals on their home or car really know what it means? How many uncover for the National Anthem? How many stand up for it or the flag? How many know what it costs to be free?

How many children are taught that ice cream, cake or soda they enjoyed was paid for with a life?

How many know what it is like to hold a buddy who is dying and watch him slip away? Or to watch the guy in front of you step on a mine and get his body blown apart.

I'm not a hero and never claimed to be one. But the children going in harms way are my heroes and have my respect. I have a flag in my front window, it has two blue stars, one for my stepson, Sgt.1st class and for my son in-law who serves in the reserves, he is also a State Trooper. I am not going to mention their names but these two men are my heroes as well as anyone who puts on their country's uniform.

Now who is going to teach our children and grandchildren what it takes to be free?

Who is going to teach them freedom is not free. It costs sometimes dearly.

This country is not perfect but I bet you can not find one that comes closer.

So parade day be out there to say thanks. Sure you can watch it on television.

But those who are marching would rather see and hear you.

Oh, that flag in my window stays there untill I`m not here anymore.

I remain ( A PROUD AMERICAN ).

Robert ( Ski ) Siesputowski

Summit Hill

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