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Parryville goes without tax increase

Published November 24. 2010 05:00PM

Parryville Council passed the 2011 budget with no tax increase.

Millage will remain at 10.5 mills. For general purposes, residents will be assessed 6.75 mills, street repairs will be two mills, for fire safety purposes, one mill and for street lighting purposes, quarter mill will be assessed.

The borough has been thrifty in 2010 and were able to show a surplus of $4,965, which helped maintain the tax base for 2011 at the same rate. The borough plans to bring in and expend $202,900 in 2011.

The borough anticipates collecting $68,315 in real estate taxes and $10,121 in fire company taxes. The street light tax is expected to generate $7,591 and the street repair tax should bring in $20,242.

The borough will receive approximately $4,000 from the tax claim bureau and $500 in occupational taxes. Per capita taxes should raise $1,300 and the real estate transfer tax should raise another $1,000.

About $500 will come from the occupational privilege tax and the earned income tax is anticipated to raise $26,000. Moving permits will bring in $50 and the district magistrate should add $100. Other revenues are, state police fines, $350; interest income, $250; rental income - elections, $150; foreign fire tax, $2,900; alcoholic beverage license fee, $150; solid waste, $36,000; solid waste delinquent, $2,500; zoning/building permits, $500; uniform construction code permits, $100; sale of materials, $50; miscellaneous, $150; land iquid fuels, for lease payments, $2,987.20.

Expenses include, sewage enforcement officer fees, $1,000; engineering fees, $1,.000; zoning hearing board expenses, $750; council salaries, $4,800' office equipment, $100; Quickbooks annual subscription, $500; audit fees, $2,400; borough council dues/seminars, $150; borough secretary bond, $150; mayor salary, $1,300; mayor dues.seminars, $100; borough hall maintenance and repairs, $1,000; tax collector commission, $3,000; EIT commission, $500; tax collector supplies and postage, $300; legal fees, $4,500; secretary costs, $8,000; advertising, $1,000; telephone, $400; Internet fees, $475; electric, $500; heat, $2,500; 911 center, $1,100; fire company, $10,121; foreign fire insurance, $2,900; road repairs, $74,688; truck lease payment, $7,477; zoning officer salary, $3,000; workers compensation insurance, $4,475; public officials insurance, $2,400; vehicle and property insurance, $1,200; waste removal, $34,500; collection agency commission, $25; grass cutting, $200; highway salaries, $10,000; road materials, $3,000; fuel for borough equipment, $1,000; equipment fund, $1,000; street alley repair, $2,000; minor equipment repairs, $1,500; borough worker supplies, $1,000; snow removal, $500; street lights, $9,000; K-9 donation, $65; Lehighton Library, $100; United Vets, $100; Parryville Band, $100; Lehigh Canal Commission, $100; miscellaneous expenses, $100 payroll taxes, $1,675; liquid fuels expenses, $11,949.

Before council passed the budget, they held a discussion on how to recoup delinquent garbage fees. Council president Mike Grant said that one option would be to have each resident contract for their services, but council member Jeff Kocher said that would cause a different set of problems. "With private haulers, you'd see different trucks coming all days of the week and all hours of the day," said Kocher. "It would create a nightmare."

Grant said that the borough secretary customizes her billing to each situation. He said that for some delinquents, a letter requesting payment brings in revenue, while others require a lien or other measures. Grant said that all he was doing was trying to come up with options because the borough and borough secretary expend a great deal of energy to collect delinquent garbage bills.

"We're trying to maintain services and not make a profit," said Grant.

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