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Our mysterious past

Published November 06. 2010 09:00AM

This week was quite interesting and it began with a conversation on the overnight radio show "Coast to Coast" with George Noory.

It was an old show and the topic was ancient technologies with author Jonathan Gray. Gray was an archaeologist who has advanced charges that the scientific community is purposely suppressing artifacts and evidence of actual advanced state of ancient civilizations.

In that conversation, he cited case after case of sites, artifacts and objects scattered throughout the world that point to the possibility that thousands of years ago, our ancestors had developed technologies very similar to those of today if not beyond today's capabilities.

To support his claim he cites hieroglyphics in Egypt displaying submarines and helicopters carved into the ancient records of a tomb wall in that country. In India he cites the ancient histories that describe flying machines dropping massive bombs that leveled cities. In support of this story, he described sites he visited that show melted walls of ruined buildings that are solid glass.

His explanation is that a long time ago before current recorded history, a worldwide advanced civilization existed on this planet. It was a civilization that used a 360 day calendar, built cities and massive civilized societies all over the planet and survived until some violent cataclysm affected the entire planet. This catastrophe was so extreme postulates Gray that the Earth's orbit was affected to the extent that 5 days were added to our orbit around the sun.

While we may be incredulous and think this man is a bit off his rocker, he points to our own advancements to offer the plausibility this case needs. He said to Noory, "Look how far we have come in one hundred years. Contrary to beliefs of some, the scientific record exists to show that all of our advances are strictly man made and have scientific grounding."

What if this technology existed millennia ago? According to the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce, the secret may be buried beneath the Sphinx in Egypt. Cayce predicts there is a massive hall of records there that answers all of our questions about who we are, where we come from and our true ancestry. Some scientists claim Egyptologists may have uncovered and are suppressing these records. Is this possible?

Gray states that all over the world, scientists are being forced to suppress evidence that is contrary to accepted scientific beliefs. He cites an incident in which scientists discovered a large stone blocking an underground chamber in California.

They had the stone moved and climbed down into a 40-foot suite of rooms made of stone. Inside they found mummies of nine to 10-foot tall humans, hieroglyphics similar to other ancient societies and disks of machined aluminum with pictures of flying machines on them. They had the sheriff guard the site overnight.

When they returned, the Army was on-site and refused to give scientists access claiming the site was seized due to national security. Coincidentally, the lab where artifacts from the site were stored was robbed that night and all of the objects and photos were stolen. They were the only items taken from that site. The Army completely filled in the chambers with dirt and they are now inaccessible.

There was also an incident in the Grand Canyon in the late 1800s when an explorer for the Smithsonian came across a large cave in the canyon hundreds of feet about the ground. He estimated it to be at a height where it would have been the bottom of the canyon thousands of years ago. Inside the cave, there were mummies of giants and treasure. He reported his findings to the Smithsonian only to discover upon trying to return to the site that the area was closed under the guise of national security.

Gray believes these scientists have been silenced or suppressed for fear that their contributions counter known and accepted beliefs that we are the history of human kind. "There was no one as advanced before us", scientists would like us to believe. It is entirely possible this may not be the case. Perhaps these giants are a key to our past and have a great deal to offer us as to where we came from and who we are.

The question is why would our government not want us to know this if it is true. Perhaps the key is not a fear of knowing there was a giant civilization on this planet at some point in our distant past. It is more likely that they are hiding knowledge that could hurt us that might have been found in some of these sites.

If one considers the Great Library of Alexandria which was destroyed when Egypt was invaded, we might not be so dismissive of the idea there were technologically advanced civilizations. That library had more than a million volumes of knowledge. It was devastating to humanity to lose that information and perhaps it set us back thousands of years.

We may never know.

Til next time …

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