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Little caught gecko

Published November 06. 2010 09:00AM

As I sit and type this in our Florida den, I am watching a baby gecko caught between the screen and the window. He hasn't been there long, but I know that he has been there before. Every now and then, he comes to visit me.

Seemingly, there is no exit from his perch. I see no hole in the screen and no crack in the window. However, he must have a special place that allows him to escape from his prison.

Geckos are very canny. They can insert themselves in small areas and find ways out of apparently blocked exits. This particular gecko must live in the plants below my window. He must decide to put himself at risk and invade my space. He must think he's too cute to be in danger.

The other night, I heard a commotion in our bathroom. It was my husband, catching a little gecko with a towel. The gecko must have slipped into the house when we had the windows open. Apparently, the screens don't fit tight enough and the little lizard body can sneak its way through.

I don't know if the bathroom towel gecko was the little guy who visits me in the den window. They all look alike to me. But, if it was, he's very persistent and seems to want human contact. I'm just glad Jim saw him, caught him with the towel, and deposited him outside in the bushes.

When we lived in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, we also had geckos roaming around. One used to love to hide in our mailbox to scare the beejeebers out of me when I got the mail. Others would enjoy climbing the screens, peering in the windows, and sunning themselves on our grill cover. Our son-in-law said, "You guys live in Jurassic Park!"

Whether you call them geckos, anoles, or lizards, the little critters are fun to watch. They are fast runners, wary adversaries, and inquisitive to a fault. One easy way to catch a gecko is to place a small brown paper bag on the floor near the critter. Scratch the back of the bag, and the nosy gecko will run inside to see what's making the noise. Then, just pick up the bag and deposit the little guy outside.

Why the gecko stories, Dr. Smith? Well, I have learned that some things are just worth my attention. In this era of tough financial times, political arguing, and threats of terrorism, I'd much rather concentrate on a little gecko in my window.

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