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Take your power back

Published March 27. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

How bad are things going to have to get until people in this area stop yelling at their tv's, or their children for that matter, and start standing up for themselves?

The state of Pennsylvania just came up with 74 new ways to tax us which include everything from sporting events to textbooks to fish feed to bubble gum. In Jim Thorpe, where I live, the school board recently announced they want to raise taxes 10 percent on property and that is before any new buildings go up.

By the way, if we followed our constitution, which we don't, property taxes would be eliminated except during times of emergency as they are a direct tax. But since we've been in a state of emergency since 1933 and have blindly accepted it, our property and our livelihoods are gradually being stolen from us.

Our wonderful state representative Keith McCall recently called members of the federal government insisting that tolls be collected on Route 80 to pay for highway repair. Well, where the hell is our money going? Is there anything else people living in their fantasy lands while watching their favorite sports and tv shows are going to silently give up before we're all out in the streets with nothing to eat?

If you are like me and see the writing on the wall do not wait, get involved. On March 31st, Sheriff Richard Mack will be addressing the people of Carbon, Lehigh and Northampton Counties. He will discuss how each and every one of us can get behind our local sheriff to demand that those individuals who take an oath to follow and obey our constitution actually do so.

If everyone who took an oath to the constitution immediately took their pledge seriously our problems would end tomorrow. But since the government won't abide by it, the media won't acknowledge it and the corporations in charge of the government are trampling on it, it is up to We the People to make sure that the agreement between the government and the people (the constitution) is upheld.

Tickets are still available through Jim Thorpe Freedom Rallies on Meetup dot com or by calling (310) 709-9935. To quote a line from the Oscar nominated film Network "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Gene Duffy

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe Freedom Rallies on Meetupdotcom

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