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TIMES NEWS Mat Rankings

Published March 02. 2010 05:00PM

(through March 1)

103 - 1. Nick O'Donnell, Panther Valley, Jr. (33-7); 2. Sean Bianco, Pleasant Valley, Fr. (19-11); 3. Jacob Hoats, Lehighton, So. (20-16).

Honorable Mention - Samantha Klingel, Pleasant Valley, Jr. (5-0); Brian Ohl, Jim Thorpe, Fr. (17-17); Michael Ortiz, Northwestern, Sr. (6-0).

Notes - All Honorable Mention selections listed here and throughout the rankings are in alphabetical order. Wrestlers must have at least a .500 record to be ranked unless needed to fill out a weight class.

O'Donnell was District 11 Class AA runner-up and advanced to this weekend's PIAA Class AA Southeast Regional. Bianco placed 6th at D-11 AAA tournament and advanced to this weekend's PIAA Class AAA Northeast Regional. Hoats placed 5th at D-11 AA.

112 - 1. Dylan Long, Northwestern, Sr. (25-3); 2. Ty Herzog, Northern Lehigh, Fr. (25-9); 3. Ernest Klingel, Pleasant Valley, So. (28-11).

Injured List - Cody Garner, Sr., Palmerton (5-5); Tyler Heffelfinger, Panther Valley, Fr. (8-8).

Notes - Long returned after an absence and placed 3rd at D-11 AA, one spot ahead of Herzog. Both are headed to SE AA Regional. Klingel finished 6th at D-11 3A and moved on to NE 3A Regional.

119 - 1. Zane Heller, Northern Lehigh, So. (28-4); 2. Mike Dahlstrom, Pleasant Valley, So. (25-9); 3. Brandon Gurka, Panther Valley, Jr. (26-12).

Honorable Mention - Kyle Boyer, Tamaqua, So. (19-19); Ethan Keichel, Northwestern, So. (19-14); Sam Oberlander, Palmerton, So. (17-9).

Notes - Heller is D-11 AA champion and heads to SE AA while Dahlstrom placed 7th at D-11 AAA.

125 - 1. Mike Pokrinchak, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (27-8); 2. Lucas Dise, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (20-10); 3. Eddie Faust, Northwestern, Sr. (19-11).

Honorable Mention - Jeremy Gornick, Lehighton, Jr. (17-13).

Notes - Pokrinchak placed 4th at D-11 AAA and moves on to NE AAA Regional.

130 - 1. Jordan Toledo, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (34-3); 2. Kolby Mashack, Tamaqua, Jr. (30-4), 3. Connor Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Fr. (16-13).

Notes - Toledo was D-11 AAA runner-up and returns to NE AAA Regional. Mashack placed 4th at D-11 AA and is a SE Regional qualifier. This isn't Connor Hedash's normal weight class but he did see limited duty here during regular season and gets to fill out the third spot.

135 - 1. Nikko Stevens, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (26-6); 2. Jake Chamberlain, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (27-6); 3. Anthony Farole, Lehighton, So. (23-13).

Honorable Mention - Brandan Silkowski, Tamaqua, So. (18-17).

Notes - Three Regional qualifiers here. Stevens and Farole made the cut in AA after placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at Districts, while Chamberlain was a District AAA runner-up.

140 - 1. Dylan Hofmann, Northern Lehigh, So. (27-6); 2. Dan Costenbader, Palmerton, Sr. (23-7); 3. Alex Yanovich, Pleasant Valley, So. (27-11).

Honorable Mention - Zach Coleman, Lehighton, So. (17-16); David Gehr, Pleasant Valley, So. (6-2).

Notes - A trio of Regional qualifiers here. Hofmann was 3rd at D-11 AA while Costenbader was 4th. Yanovich was 6th at D-11 AAA.

145 - 1. Dillon Smith, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (30-8); 2. Bobby Clymer, Northwestern, Jr. (26-6); 3. Justin Christman, Panther Valley, Sr. (24-18).

Honorable Mention - Chris Christ, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (12-9); Matt Edmonds, Tamaqua, Jr. (19-12).

Notes - Three District AA placewinners here. Smith was 3rd at advanced to SE Regional while Clymer was 5th and Christman 6th.

152 - 1. Craemer Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (26-6); 2. David Lucykanish, Lehighton, Sr. (33-5); 3. Mike Englert, Palmerton, Sr. (24-6).

Honorable Mention - Mitch Moyer, Lehighton, So. (14-14); Kevin Schaller, Panther Valley, Sr. (24-17); Levi Veppert, Northwestern, So. (18-16).

Notes - Craemer was D-11 AA runner-up while Lucykanish placed 3rd and Englert 5th, with Hedash and Lucykanish moving on to Regionals.

160 - 1. Mike Balliet, Lehighton, So. (20-10); 2. Mike Weaver, Panther Valley, So. (25-10); 3. Kyle Sorensen, Northwestern, Jr. (15-6).

Notes - Balliet takes top spot by virtue of a District win over Weaver in 3rd place consolation bout. Both are headed to SE AA Regional. Sorensen placed 5th at D-11 AA.

171 - 1. Colin Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (28-2); 2. John Mertz, Lehighton, Sr. (16-9); 3. Alex Lorkowski, Panther Valley, So. (20-19).

Notes - Colin was D-11 AA runner-up for second straight season and moves on to SE Regional. Mertz placed 5th at D-11 AA.

189 - 1. Garth Lakitsky, Tamaqua, Jr. (32-2); 2. Matt Dorward, Lehighton, Sr. (16-14); 3. Cameron Kroemelbein, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (18-14).

Notes - Lakitsky took second straight D-11 AA silver and marches on toward SE AA Regional. Dorward placed 5th at District AA.

215 - 1. John Scheaffer, Panther Valley, Sr. (24-12); 2. Kane Kralik, Palmerton, So. (19-10); 3. Dustin Wentz, Tamaqua, Sr. (26-13).

Honorable Mention - Jacen Nalesnik, Lehighton, Fr. (6-3).

Notes - Scheaffer was D-11 AA runner-up and moves onto Regionals. Kralik placed 6th at D-11 AA and scored win over Wentz to take over second spot.

285 - 1. Briar Stern, Lehighton, Sr. (22-9); 2. Ryan Gouger, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (8-16); 3. Alec Eidelman, Northwestern, Jr. (9-20).

Injured List - Tyler Mangold, Jim Thorpe, Jr. (10-12).

Notes - Stern is a D-11 silver medalist and SE AA Regional qualifier.

(Compiled by Joe Plasko)

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