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Carbon court news

Published June 10. 2010 05:00PM

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by the county court since the new year.

Eddie Jo Gaston, 1820 Mahoning Drive East, Lehighton, from Wayne C. Gaston, 960 Summer Mountain Rd., Lehighton.

Tammy L. Werkheiser, 24 W. Ludlow St., Summit Hill, from Robert A. Werkheiser, 534 Werkheiser Ave, Nazareth.

Robert Gutekunst, 233 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, from Lori Gutekunst, same address.

Joseph P. McArdle Jr., 14 E. Sixth St., Jim Thorpe, from Angela M. McArdle, 36 Susquehanna St., Jim Thorpe.

Nina Bonus, 60 1/2 Main St., Harleigh, from John Bonus, 355 Sunny Rest Drive, Palmerton.

Nicole M. Heckman, 1247 Koch Rd, Kunkletown, from Steven C. Heckman, same address.

David Michael Graul, 707 Orchard Rd., Reading, from Lisa Ann Graul, 183 Indian Trail Rd., Jim Thorpe.

Louise A. Dagorn, 136 E. High St., Coaldale, from Daniel Dagorn, 414 S. Ninth St., Lehighton.

Michelle L. Conklin, 247 W. Water St., Lansford, from Ian Conklin, 422 Locust St., Columbia, Lancaster County.

Orlondo Wheeler, Box 938, Albrightsville, from Cherolyn Wheeler, 1105 Salock Drive, Parlin, N.J.

Carmen Cabrera, Box 271, Neffs, from Hector M. Cabrera, 1302 E. Columbia Ave., Philadelphia,

Ruthann C. Coyle Farley, c/o 885 Westmister Drive N, Southampton, N.J., from Denver Lee Farley, Box 39, Albrigthsville.

Kim M. Brougher, 278 W. Sunset Rd, Lehighton, from James F. Brougher, same address.

Richard L. Blair, 33 Carbon St., Weatherly, from Debra Blair, 100 N. Hughes St., Opp, Ala.

Patricia L. Utrata, 308 E. Hazard St., Summit Hill, from Bernard A. Utrata Jr., 170 S. Fourth St., Lehighton.

Francis D. Schweibinz, 12 W. Ninth St., Jim Thorpe, from Jolene M. Schweibinz, 157 Beaver Run Drive, Lehighton.

Diane Mesaros, 9 Cold Springs Drive, Jim Thorpe, from Stephen Mesaros, same address.

Evelyn Hydock Horos, 113 Autumn Lane, Jim Thorpe, from Brian Horos, Box 594, Jim Thorpe.

Pamela Jo Houtz, 4145 Fireline Rd., Palmerton, from Kevin Paul Houtz, 664 Franklin Ave., Palmerton.

Tammy Lee Fisher, 321 E. Abbott St., Lansford, from Christopher Lee Fisher, 753 N. Ninth St., Allentown.

Tony D. Wolfe, A45 Broadvieiw Drive, Jim Thorpe, from Kimberly B. Wolfe, same address.

Paul C. Tassone, 218 Cold Springs Drive, Jim Thorpe, from Tammy Tassone, 18 Autumn Lane, Jim Thorpe.

Dena J. Schoch, 232 Spruce St., Walnutport, from Jay C. Schoch, 3695 Mountain View Drive, Danielsville.

June A. Toro, 24 Holland St., Summit Hill, from Juan Toro, Box 2538, Hazleton.

Jenna Mokshefski, 239 E. Patterson St., Lansford, from Edward Mokshefski, 212 Center St., Tamaqua.

Gisela C. Veanees, 3350 Shelton Ave., Bethlehem, from William A. Veanees, 324 Country Club Rd., Lehighton.

Jenell M. Evanetz, 207 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, from Nathaniel J. Evanetz, 927 Linden St., Bethlehem.

Michelle Rausch, 881 Mauch Chunk Rd., Palmerton, from Ronald Rausch, 1514 Weaverville Rd., Northampton.

Shannon McAward, 103 Canal St., Lehighton, from Jeremiah P. McAward Jr., 300 Franklin Ave., Weissport.

Kevin M. Steber, 41 E. Hazard St., Summit Hill, from Stacy A. Steber, 112 E. Holland St., Summit Hill.

Gregory D. Plastow, 11725 207th St., Maple Ridge, Bristish Columbia, Canada, from Kayrene E. Kocher, 34 Friendship Rd., Lehighton.

Frank J. Karnish, 17 W. Ludlow St., Summit Hill, from Sheri A. Karnish, 307 E. Fell St., Summit Hill.

Landis C. Jones Jr., 405 Lonesome Lane, Palmerton, from Cathy A. Jones, same address.

Linda Pollock, 2609 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton, from Charles Pollock, 2294 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton.

Ronald A. Walbert, 910 LA Montage Drive, Palmerton, from Doreen M. Walbert, 20 Tradewinds Trace, Hilton Head, S.C.

Dawn M. Korsick, Box 1204, Albrightsville, from Adam K. Korsick, 20709 N. 105th St., Peoria, Ill.

David A. Wanamaker, 821 Fraknlin Ave., Palmerton, from Kathy M. Wanamaker, 1106 Princeton Ave., Palmerton.

Stephanie L. Kresge, 115 Berger St., Kunkletown, from Jack L. Kresge, same address.

Gregory L. Steward, 9 Sam Brooke Circle, Lehighton, from Pamela S. Steward, same address.

June L. Potts, 925 Sassafas Rd., Lehighton, from Guy A. Potts, same address.

Kelly A. DeAngelo, 70 Kuntz Lane, Kunkletown, from Christopher DeAngelo, 5055 Northeaston Belmont Drive, Stroudsburg.

Jan Grover, 1650 Ochre Mill Rd., Weatherly, from Tracy A. Grover, Beaver Meadows.

Joann M. Brown, 788 Mauch Chunk Rd., Palmerton, from Sean E. Brown, 136 Wyndham Drive, Allentown.

Daniel V. Staehle Jr., Box 134, Ashfield, from Janet A. Staehle, 210 W. Front St., Lansford.

John D. Howard, 63 Church St., Beaver Meadows, from Kimberly Ann Howard, 119 Carbon St., Weatherly.

Terry L. Rock, 229 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe, from Michael Rock, same address.

Divorces started

Tara Kubas, 449 Center Ave., Apt. 2F, Jim Thorpe, filed against Miroslev Kubas, 360 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton. They were married July 26, 2003.

Amy Lee Kokinda, 3 Fourth Ave., Nesquehoning, filed against Anthony Adam Kokinda, same address. They were married June 2, 2007.

Scott Ledo, 55 Laurel Way, Palmerton, filed against Kimberly M. Lebo, same address. They were married Aug. 10, 2007.

Mithrys Hosler, 44 Sam Brooke Circle, Lehighton, filed against Thomas Hosler, same address. They were married June 23, 2000.

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged defaults on loans.

GMAC Mortgage, 3451 Hammond Ave., Walterloo, Iowa, filed against Patricia A. Treadwell, 2480 Pawnee Trail, Albrightsville, over property at that address. Sought is $115,297.07 and continuing interest.

Beneficial Consumer Discount Co., 636 Grand Regency Blvd., Brandon, Fla., filed against Patricia A. and Sylvester Wood, 504 W. Main St., Weatherly, over property at that address. Sought is $89,346.33 and continuing interest.

BAC Home Loan Servicing, 7105 Corporate Drive, Plano, Tex., filed against Jennifer L. Dempsey, 113 Piney Woods Drive, Jim Thorpe, over property at that address. Sought is $128,733.97 and continuing interest.

Sovereign Bank, 601 Penn St., Reading, filed against Richard and Annamarie Moran Luckwaldt, 1021 E. Main St., Weatherly, over property at that address. Sought is $184,189.81 and continuing interest.

Nationstar Mortgage, 350 Highland Drive, Lewisville, Tex., filed against Joel F. George, 10 Penn Forest Road North, Kunkletown, over property at that address. Sought is $113,444.88 and continuing interest.

Nationstar Mortgage filed against Willima P. Gregory and Ritchie Cressman, aka, Ritchie A. Cressman, both of 771 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, over property at that address. Sought is $131,778.91 and continuing interest.

PNC Mortgage, 3252 Newmark Drive, Miamisburg, Ohio, filed against Francisco Balbuena and Santiago R. Alfaro, both of 160 Penn Forest Drive, aka, 160 Penn Forest Trail, Albrightsville, over property at that address. Sought is $219,738.30 and continuing interest.

PNC Mortgage filed against Joey D. and Kathy L. Ziegenfus, 8655 Interchange Rd., Lehighton, over property at that address. Sought is $215,524.79 and continuing interest.

Credit defaults

The following actions were filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, alleging defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

Credit Asset Management, 1030 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, filed against Debra L. Thomas, aka, Debra Leslie, 60 Leslie Lane, Jim Thorpe, seeking $892.86.

Infibank, c/o 107 N. Commerce Way, Bethlehem, filed against Tara Borosh, 286-81 Lower Nis Hollow Rd., Lehighton, seeking $7,433.

GE Money Bank, 4125 Windward Plaza Drive, Alpharetta, Ga., filed against Timothy Schnell, 2530 Hemlock Drive, Lehighton, seeking $7,165.89.

HSBC Bank Nevada, 1111 Town Center Drive, Las Vegas, Nev., filed against Terry Kauffman Sr., 166 Tiffany Lane, Lehighton, seeking $18,141.64.

Discover Bank, 12 Reads Way, New Castle, Del., filed against Larry Young, 2292 Buck Mountain Rd., Weatherly, seeking $8,238.16.

American Express Centurion Bank, 4315 S. 2700 West, Salt Lake City, UT., filed against Ruth Isenberg, 403 Second St., Weatherly, seeking $33,881.91.

LVNV Funding, 15 S. Main St., Greenville, S.C., filed against Amy J. Fink, aka, Amy Graver, 146 Robrucel Drive, Lehighton, seeking $2,878.47.

FIA Card Services, 655 Papermill Rd., Newark, Del., filed against Heidi Bohning, 4312 Little Gap Rd., Palmerton, seeking $27,818.55.

CACH, 4340 S. Monaco St., Denver, Colo., filed against Harry Smith Jr., 510 1/2 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, seeking $5,379.26.

Arrow Financial Services, 5996 W. Touhy Ave., Niles, Ill, filed against John J. Zwiesdak, 118 E. White St., Summit Hill, seeking $2,235.44.

Contract default

Wesboro Bank Inc., 2207 national Rd., Wheeling, W. Va., filed an action against Jason E. Seitz, HC1 Box 59, Old Stage Rd., Albrightsville, alleging he defaulted on a retail installment contract and security agreement.

Sought is $52,327.14 and continuing interest, costs and fees.

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