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What will we do when it's gone?

Published August 02. 2010 09:30AM

Dear Editor:

The federal and state government have exempted gas companies drilling onto the Marcus shale from all enviromental oversight. These companies will automatically have their permits extended.

What does this mean to you? If they drill and foul your drinking water, oh well, you're screwed. They haven't broken any laws, they can't have their permit revoked, so who do you complain to?

This is a perfect example of big business running the goverment.The federal government conveniently exempted the gas companies from any environmental oversight by a bill fondly called the Cheyney Loophole. Did I mention that Haliburtan has over of the gas drilling rights in this country?

OK you say, their not drilling on my land. You think you actually have a choice? They can take your land, they can drill under it. The result is the same, if you live near where they are drilling, kiss your way of life goodbye.

Carefully investigate all the promises these companies make, then think of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico right now. Go online and look at the complete devastation drilling made of once fertile pastures out west. Then think, is this worth $500, $10,000? What will $10,000 do for you if you cannot live where you are now.

Kidder Township officials may have their hearts in the right place thinking they can put some curbs on the drilling but they have no idea what they are up against, and they have no chance of winning. Their time and effort would be better spent getting together with those who oppose the drilling, finding out which state and federal officials voted for these environmental exemptions and working to get them out of office.

The only reason this drilling is occuring is so the gas companies can make billions of dollars easily. It will not help the energy crisis, it will not put money in a poor farmers pocket. It will ruin our environment and quality of life for many years after the gas companies have taken their billions and left. Potable water is one of the scarcest elements on earth, we are blessed to have abundant fresh water here in Pennsylvania. What are we going to do when it is gone?

Lindsey H DeRenzis


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