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Published July 29. 2010 05:00PM

Anybody who has flown in a jet within the past 10 years knows what a hassle the security can be. You must take your shoes off, empty your pockets, have a sensor moved up and down your body, and maybe be frisked. You might be called aside and have an even more evasive search.

There are some screening devices being placed at airports which will even give the equivalent of an X-ray vision to the screeners.

You need valid ID to fly. Any type of antics from the norm will get you thrown off the flight and possibly tossed into jail.

Arguably, after 9/11, the shoe bomber, and other incidents, the security measures are needed.

The same type of security doesn't pertain to our nation's border; especially the southern border with Mexico. Unless, of course, you try to enter at a legal checkpoint.

Immigrants flood into the country over the border. It's pretty safe to say that a lot of those illegal trespassers are drug dealers. Who knows? Maybe there are even terrorists among the flocks.

Our government treats illegals with kid gloves. The illegal aliens get to settle in our cities with virtual immunity.

The federal government hasn't done much to slow the flood of illegals, but it isn't bashful about repressing local or state efforts.

Arizona lawmakers have taken it upon themselves to try to cope with a growing problem. The increased number of illegal aliens not only is a safety problem, but is a crippling financial burden.

In response, the federal government has filed suit ruling it's self-preservation tactic is illegal.

In a Nebraska town, voters chose overwhelmingly to pass legislation regarding illegal aliens. The town's council opted to hold off on any new rules because of the threat of a lawsuit by the feds.

Even in Hazleton, the city has become handicapped to deal with illegals because of intrusion from the federal government.

Meanwhile, residents who want to come to America legally to start a new life have all types of hurdles to cross including a big expense.

So why the protection of illegal visitors? Again, what about national security? Shouldn't some consideration be given to the potential of terrorists exploiting such a vulnerable border area?

It's, once again, where federal lawmakers stay holed-up among their ivory walls and don't have a clue how the real world exists. They don't care about the Arizona farmers living in danger of their lives daily because of dangerous intruders illegally crossing from Mexico. They don't have to pick up the cost of educating the illegal aliens like the taxpayers in Hazleton and Reading do.

Hopefully Arizona will win its case against the federal government over its new immigration law. But it seems like the deck is stacked.

What ever happened to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people ... the people of America? Isn't national security at risk?

By Ron Gower

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